Download NHK+ Videos in the Highest Resolution Possible

You may use FlixPal to download videos from NHK Plus at a quality of up to QHD to your PC. Even when you are offline, you may still view all of the missed NHK Plus programs and news in the highest quality.

Download NHK+ Videos Without Ads

FlixPal NHK Plus Downloader allows you to download NHK Plus videos with advertisements automatically skipped, so you won't be disturbed when viewing programs on NHK Plus.

Download and Save Subtitles Separately as SRT Files

When downloading NHK Plus videos with FlixPal NHK Plus Downloader, you may download the subtitles together with the videos or export the subtitles as separate SRT files, allowing you to save the subtitles in two different methods.

Batch Download Your Favorite NHK+ Movies

The batch download option of FlixPal NHK Plus Downloader lets you download many movies at once, therefore considerably saving download time.

Download and Store NHK+ Videos in MP4

Videos from NHK Plus that have been downloaded by FlixPal NHK Plus Downloader are given the .mp4 extension, allowing you to play and watch NHK Plus movies on any device that supports the MP4 format.

Download NHK+ Videos at High Speed

FlixPal NHK Plus Downloader enables you to download NHK Plus videos at a fast speed; you may download 30 minutes of NHK Plus shows in a few minutes.

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