FlixPal Amazon Downloader: Your Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Enjoy Amazon Prime download with FlixPal. Learn the answers to some popular questions of Amazon download and the features and plans of FlixPal.

Wonder how to download Amazon Prime Video to enjoy your favorite shows offline? Can I save the videos from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 format permanently? How to download Amazon Prime Video on a Mac? What are Amazon Prime Video Download Limits?

We will get you covered with everything about Amazon Prime Video offline downloads and answer all these questions.

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One of the limits of Amazon Prime video download is that your downloads will be removed after 30 days. As a tricky issue keeps troubling users, amazing third-party downloaders will safeguard their downloads and provide a better downloading and offline watching experience. A shining example of these downloaders is FlixPal Amazon Downloader.

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What Does FlixPal Amazon Downloader Offer?

FlixPal Amazon Downloader

FlixPal Amazon Downloader is a great choice for your Amazon Prime video download. With FlixPal Amazon Downloader, you will enjoy the following wonderful downloading benefits:

  • High resolution up to 4K Ultra HD/1080p
  • Five times faster downloading with GPU Accelerate and Turbo Speed
  • Compatible MP4/MKV formats
  • Wide range of supported sites (up to 200+ streaming platforms)
  • One account for multiple devices (up to 5 PCs)
  • Able to download subtitles as external files separately
  • Batch downloading, up to 100 titles downloaded per day
  • Ad-free, simple and easy-to-use User Interface

More importantly, FlixPal is an all-in-one downloader. If you have subscribed to any plans of FlixPal Amazon Downloader, you will be able to unlock downloading from all FlixPal-supported streaming sites!

FlixPal supported websites

How Much Does FlixPal Amazon Downloader Cost?

FlixPal knows what you're worried about, which is why it works hard to give you a great downloading experience and offers reasonable subscription plans. Here are the subscription plans and discounts:

  Monthly Plan Annual Plan Lifetime Plan
Cost $29.9 per month $89.9 per year $149.9 per license

$66.7 per license
$199.9 for 3 licenses

Number of Licenses 1 1 1 3
Money Back Guarantee 7 7 14 14

Pick your plans and enjoy Amazon Prime video downloads with FlixPal!

How to Download Amazon Prime Video with FlixPal?

Step 1: Download and Install FlixPal

Step 2: Launch FlixPal and Find Amazon under VIP Services

Amazon within FlixPal

Step 3: Find the Videos You Want to Download

After opening Amazon Prime within FlixPal, remember to log in to your Amazon Prime account. Locate the videos you want to download. 

Sign in to your Amazon Prime Account

Step 4: Click Download Now

When you download Amazon Prime Video for PC using FlixPal Amazon Downloader, you may customize your download options to suit your tastes, including the resolution, file format, language, subtitles, download mode, video codec, audio tracks and more.

Download Now


Here are some FAQs regarding FlixPal Amazon Downloader for Amazon Prime Video and the last two questions at the beginning of this article:

Q1. Can I Download Amazon Prime Video by FlixPal?

A1. Yes. As long as you have an active Amazon Prime Video account, FlixPal can help you download Amazon Prime videos with its built-in browser.

Q2. How to Download Amazon Prime Video on a Mac?

A2. You can download Amazon Prime video on a Mac with the official Amazon Prime app. Download the app from the Apple Store, log in to your Amazon Prime account, find the content you want to download and finally click Download.

We also recommend you use FlixPal Amazon Downloader with a better downloading and offline watching experience. All you need to do is to launch FlixPal and follow the same procedure of official downloads.

Q3. What Are the Limits of Amazon Prime Video Download?

A3. The limits of Amazon Prime video download are:

  • Downloads expire after 30 days
  • Compatible devices capped at 4
  • 15 to 25 titles downloadable per account
  • Regional unavailability

Note: When you download Amazon Prime Video with FlixPal, you need to sign up to your own Amazon Prime Video account first. It will not work for you if you do not have an active account on Amazon Prime Video.