RedFox AnyStream Review: Features, Usage and the Best Alternative

This article aims to provide an alternative for people who are looking for RedFox AnyStream license key or other video downloader to save their favorite videos.

AnyStream is an easy-to-navigate application. You can download your favorite shows and movies for later use or offline viewing without worrying about the expired content. Your videos are available for download in MP4 format, making them compatible with all video players. With the help of video editing software, you can also convert videos to other formats, like MKV.

However, RedFox AnyStream only supports 6 streaming platforms up to the video quality of 1080p HD now. Therefore, for those who want to download videos from other platforms or pursue better video quality, is there a product that would be an ideal substitute for RedFox AnyStream? Check more info in the following AnyStream review.

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What is RedFox AnyStream?

RedFox AnyStream is a video downloader developed by RedFox, a Belizean software development company. It can remove DRM from the material, and allows users to download videos from 6 popular streaming platforms, which will be mentioned in detail in the following AnyStream review.

AnyStream is a useful program for downloading videos from the 6 mentioned online websites. Just with a few easy steps, you can use AnyStream to get any spisode, movies or shows you like for later offline viewing. With RedFox AnyStream, you can download videos in high quality (up to 1080p), ensuring you get the outstanding viewing experience when watching downloaded content.

The most concerned part is the pros and cons of the AnyStream review:

Outstanding Features of RedFox AnyStream

  • AnyStream allows you to add multiple shows or the entire series to a downloading queue at once;
  • Although now AnyStream only supports 6 platforms, more streaming services are constantly being added by developers;
  • You can download about 280 videos per week with a valid license;
  • While AnyStream can only download content from 3 platforms (including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video), AnyStream Plus can help you download videos from 6 streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Hulu (in the United States);
  • Users' personal information is secure under the safeguard of modern cryptographic techniques;
  • AnyStream has a built-in browser for more convenient.

Shortcomings of RedFox AnyStream

  • RedFox AnyStream may not support a wide range of streaming services (only up to 6);
  • Many services are only limited to premium users. For example, the service of bulk downloads are only accessible by subscribers of AnyStream Plus.

How to Install RedFox AnyStream?

Please download RedFox AnyStream and get the AnyStream installer from the official website in order to ensure that you can enjoy clear and safe downloading experience.

Here are detailed steps to get RedFox AnyStream up and running on your computer:

  1. Download the installer that matches your system (64-bit or 32-bit);
  2. Run the installer and click 'Yes' to allow the installation;
  3. Read the agreement before you accept it by clicking 'Agree';
  4. Leave the components to be installed as the defaults and click 'Next';
  5. Customize your downloading settings or use the default settings if you don't have any specific preferences and click 'Install';
  6. When the installation is complete, click 'Close' to complete the setup;
  7. When AnyStream starts, select 'Yes' to agree to the licensing agreement;
  8. AnyStream is now installed and you have 21 days to try it out;
  9. In the initial settings section, choose a download location in the 'Download' tab;
  10. Click 'Finish' to complete the setup;
  11. The installation is now complete. You can enjoy your downloading time!

If You Want to Switch from RedFox AnyStream, Try FlixPal

After knowing the basic info about AnyStream in the AnyStream review above, you may wonder what's the popular alternative to RedFox AnyStream. Now we will introduce one alternative- FlixPal, in the following AnyStream review.

The Introduction of FlixPal


FlixPal is a user-friendly software that helps users to securely downloads streaming videos offline from 200+ sites. With numerous features similar to AnyStream, it serves as a reliable alternative.

Advantages of FlixPal

  • FlixPal supports tailored downloading settings to output videos in deveral formats such as MP4 and MKV, allowing users to easily enjoy their favorite videos offline anytime, anywhere;
  • FlixPal allows you to download films and television series from over 200 well-known streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, Hulu, Facebook, Vimeo and so on;
  • FlixPal is ad-free, ensuring your uninterrupted viewing experience.

The Way to Use FlixPal

To use FlixPal downloader, you need to download and install the Windows (Windows 7 or above) or Mac (macOS 10.10 or above) version from the official website according to your computer's operating system.

To easily access, click the button below.

FlixPal Downloader
With support for over 200 subscription video services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and U-NEXT, you can easily download a variety of streaming videos.
  • High-quality downloads up to 4K/8K in various formats such as MP4/MKV
  • Automatic ad detection and removal feature
  • Remux subtitles or save in SRT format
  • Accelerated downloading speed
  • Free trial for 3 times
Learn More

Step 1

Launch FlixPal Downloader and browse 'Home' to go to the video site you like by just clicking on the icon. You can also click 'View All' to search for your favorite platform.


Step 2

With the build-in browser, you may log in and enter the video site for downloading by searching for your favorite videos and accessing the playback page. Then FlixPal will automatically processing the video to prepare for downloading.


Step 3

Now you may customize your own download settings according to your personal need. You can even choose 'Download new episodes automatically' to free your hands. After these are done, you can click the "Download Now" button to start downloading.


Step 4

You can click on 'Downloading' anytime to check the progress. Wait for a moment and the videos will be downloaded to your document selected in settings.



Aiming to provide a overall introduction of 'RedFox AnyStream' to interested readers, this article offers a comprehensive guide to the "RedFox AnyStream" download software, covering its features, detailed usage instructions, benefits, and shortcomings that still remain to be improved.

In addition to this, FlixPal is highly recommended among numerous alternatives of RedFox AnyStream, due to its outstanding and various advantages for different users. If you want to catch up with the talk of the town and enjoy your favorite videos without any DRM restrictions, give FlixPal a try!