The Best Max Downloader: FlixPal Max Downloader for Your Choice

Enjoy the best Max download with FlixPal Max Downloader! We’ve compared the five best Max downloaders for you to choose from.

Max, originally HBO Max, is a leading streaming platform that aggregates a wide variety of premium entertainment choices. Marvel, DC, Warner Bros., TNT, TBS, truTV, and Cartoon Network are just a few of the many studios represented on Max, which also features HBO's highly recognized programming.


What are Max Download Limits?

Downloading Max videos is a good way and watching them offline is a good way to recharge your batteries. Most viewers opt for max downloads through the official Max app, assuming it is a trustworthy way. However, if they have a chance to know the difference between the official Max's app and a Max downloader, some will think twice about using which one to download their Max faves.

So, what exactly are the limits of downloading through the official Max app? Here are the two different aspects of the inconvenience it causes.

  • Download device: You can’t download Max videos on a Mac although you do so on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Download amount: Max offers three pricing plans, With Ads, Ad-Free and Ultimate Ad-Free. If you are a subscriber of the first plan, you are not entitled to download any video; even if you subscribe to the Ultimate Ad-Free plan, you can download up to 100 titles per license.

The Best Five Max Downloaders

As we have discussed, relying on the Max official app comes with mainly two restrictions. While these max download limits set up a barrier for offline watching Max movies on PC, using a Max video downloader will provide you with a better experience. Therefore, we will introduce the five best Max downloaders that can to a large extent enhance your Max downloads.

After that, we will also rate these five best max downloaders based on their functionality to combat the issues of the official max download. Pick your choice after this review to enjoy your Max downloads!

FlixPal Max Downloader

FlixPal Max Downloader

FlixPal Max Downloader is the No. 1 best Max downloader and our most recommended Max video downloader. It has moved beyond downloading from Max official. FlixPal Max Downloader is compatible with macOS and Windows systems, a perfect compensation for the unavailability of Max’s app on PC. Additionally, with FlixPal Max Downloader, the best Max downloader, you can download up to 100 titles per day. One-day download via FlixPal is equivalent to the download limits of Max Ultimate Ad-Free plan subscribers.

FlixPal Max Downloader is a real surprise not only in the fact that it performs better than Maxs’ official app, but also offers fascinating features to enhance your downloads.

FlixPal Max Downloader supports high-quality downloads. From three dimensions, video quality, video codec and audio channels, the FlixPal research team has modified FlixPal functionality that is directly linked to a better offline watching experience. Consequently, the rollout of FlixPal Max Downloader was making a headline because it featured 4k/1080p, H264, H265 and HDR10 video codecs and AC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 audio channels. In the future, FlixPal is committed to adding more user-friendly features.

Secondly, FlixPal Max Downloader provides high-compatibility downloads. All your favorite Max movies or shows are downloaded in MP4/MKV files via FlixPal. This means you can play them on any device, on a Macbook or an iPhone.

Thirdly, FlixPal Max Downloader supports batch downloads. Once you stream a Max episode within FlixPal, the entire season will be automatically detected so that it leaves to you which episodes or the season to download. What’s more, FlixPal Max Downloader is a must-have for binge-watchers because any new release of a show will be auto-synchronized by FlixPal.

Fourthly, FlixPal Max Downloader removes built-in ads. No matter which Max plans you subscribe to, FlixPal indiscriminately assures you that no ad will pop up in your downloads. Rest assured and enjoy your Max offline watching FlixPal Max Downloader!

Last but not least, FlixPal Max Downloader encourages you to customize the subtitles. You can either download the videos with the built-in subtitles by default or download the subtitles to multiple languages as an external SRT file.

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How to Use FlixPal Max Downloader?

1. Download and Install FlixPal.

2. Launch FlixPal and Find Max Under VIP Services.

Launch FlixPal and find Max under VIP Services

3. Find the Max Videos You Want to Download.

Sign in to your Max account and find the Max movies or shows you want to download.

Find the Max Videos You Want to Download

4. Click Download Now.

Customize your download and click Download Now.

Click Download Now

StreamFab Max Downloader

StreamFab Max Downloader

StreamFab Max Downloader is the second best Max Downloader. StreamFab stands out with strengths over the official Max download just like FlixPal. The download quota at 100 and the compatibility with Mac make it a fair choice to consider. Moreover, StreamFab Max Downloader supports Max subtitles saved as SRT files or you can remux the subtitles into the video you’ve downloaded.

MovPilot HBO Max Downloader

MovPilot HBO Max Downloader

MovPilot HBO Max Downloader takes the third best Max Downloader due to its outstanding offerings. One of them is that MovPilot supports Max downloads in 1080p, equally splendid as FlixPal. High-success download is another advantage of this Max downloader.

However, users should also be alerted that MovPilot HBO Max Downloader could do better in the audio track because it does not provide flexible choices for users to choose from.

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is the fourth best Max Downloader. The highlight of this Max downloader is compatibility. It is available on both macOS and Windows and it supports Max downloads in MP4/MKV formats which are compatible with most devices.

Y2Mate Max Downloader

Y2Mate Max Downloader

Y2Mate Max Downloader as the fifth best Max Downloader, offers batch download and ad-removal features that enormously enhance the user’s experience. In terms of the replaceability of downloading from Max’s official app, Y2Mate Max Downloader also lifts the limitations of the download amount and device compatibility.

A Review of the Five Best Max Downloaders

  Download Device Download Amount Other Offerings (5/5)
FlixPal Max Downloader 5
StreamFab Max Downloader 4
MovPilot HBO Max Downloader ? 4
TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader ? 4
Y2Mate Max Downloader 4


Q1: How to Download Max Episodes?

A1: The prerequisite for downloading Max episodes is to subscribe to Ad-Free and Ultimate Ad-Free plans. Open the Max app and find the videos you want to download. If you see a download icon, click it and finish your downloads.

Q2: How to Download HBO Max on a Mac?

A2: There’s no Max app on a Mac. But you can download a third-party Max downloader such as FlixPal Max Downloader to help you download Max videos on a Mac.

Q3: What Are the Max Download Limits?

A3: There are mainly three limits. Firstly, you have to subscribe to Max Ad-Free and Ultimate Ad-Free plans. Secondly, your Max downloads are capped at 100 if you subscribe to the Ultimate Ad-Free plan. Thirdly, there’s no official Max app on a Mac or Windows system.