BS Fuji on Demand] A comprehensive explanation of how to save limited content to your computer.

Since BS Fuji On Demand content is available for a limited time, you should record or download it so that you do not miss it. In this article, we have introduced two ways to record and download BS Fuji on Demand videos to save them on your computer.

BS Fuji On Demand is one of BS Fuji's Internet distribution services, and many original programs that can only be seen here are available. However, since BS Fuji On Demand content has a delivery period, it is better to record or download the content so that you do not miss it. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to save limited content from BS Fuji On Demand to your PC.

There are many original contents available only on BS Fuji On Demand. For example, "Ueno Shokudo," a program that tells the most ordinary and delicious cuisine in Japan, "Macaroni Pencil and Where the Words Are," a special talk show by the hit band "Macaroni Pencil," and "Hakurei Sen," a program in which female professionals compete for the No. 1 position in a year-long heated battle for the title of No. 1, are just a few of the high quality programs! Next, let's summarize and explain how you can save the exclusive contents of [BS Fuji On Demand] to your computer.

How to record BS Fuji on Demand videos with VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is an easy-to-use video recording software even for those who have never recorded before. VideoProc Converter is an all-in-one video processing software developed by Digiarty.

Its editing features not found in other free screen recording software have earned VideoProc Converter the number one spot on our list of recommended free PC screen recording software. After you have finished recording your screen, you can instantly import the captured video into VideoProc Converter. From there, you will be able to perform editing and processing such as trimming, cropping, merging, applying effects, watermarking, etc.

1. download and install VideoProc Converter.

2. launch this screen recording freeware on your own computer and click the "Record" button on the initial screen of the application.


Click the "Screen Recording" button if you want to record your computer screen for free. 4.

Click the "Crop" button in the recording software to specify the area you want to capture.

5. You can specify whether you want to record the computer's system and microphone sounds at the same time by checking the checkbox.

6. to start recording the computer screen, click the "REC" button.


7. to end the screen recording process, click "STOP" on the VideoProc Converter user interface or press "Ctrl" and "R" on the keyboard simultaneously.

That explains how to record BS Fuji on Demand videos with VideoProc Converter. There are a few things to note.

  • The free version is a trial version. Please purchase the paid version for full functionality.
  • When recording with the trial version, there is a large watermark "VideoProc Converter" in the middle of the screen, if this bothers you, please purchase the paid version.

  • After recording with the trial version, when you access the editing screen, you will not be able to save directly to your computer in MP4 format.

How to download BS Fuji on Demand videos with FlixPal Downloader

Next, we will explain how to download BS Fuji on Demand videos. Here, we will introduce you to the highly functional [ FlixPal Downloader], which allows you to download BS Fuji on Demand videos in HD, Full HD quality, and save them to your computer in MP4 format. In other words, the downloaded videos can be easily changed to smartphones, TVs, and game consoles as well as PCs, allowing you to watch the videos on a large screen.

FlixPal also allows you to easily remove the DRM implemented when downloading DRM-implemented videos, such as Amazon Prime Video, NETFLIX, and dmm videos. For more information, please see this article.

How to remove DRM and download Amazon Prime Video videos easily?

If you want to try FlixPal Downloader for free, you have 3 free trials. The free download is the best service for downloading this video, despite the time, picture quality, and sound quality. After the trial, if you want to continue using it, you can purchase the paid version.

In fact, FlixPal video streaming service allows you to download normal movies, dramas, shows, animations, and other contents, as well as adult videos from Fanza, H-NEXT, MSG, and more!

The following is a step-by-step guide to downloading BS Fuji on Demand videos with FlixPal Download.

1. visit FlixPal's official website ( on your PC browser and download & install the program.

2. run FlixPal and enter the url <> of BS Fuji on Demand in the home address bar.

Access BS Fuji On Demand's homepage and find the video you want to download.

4. Go to the playback page of the video you want to download, select the desired quality in the window that pops up, and then click "Download Now.

5. The video will then begin downloading.


In this article, we have introduced two ways to record and download BS Fuji on Demand videos to save them on your computer. What do you think? Some of you may be wondering whether you should choose recording or downloading now.

If you want your video storage to be more efficient and progressive, choose downloading. In the case of downloading, you can download an hour-long video in about 5 minutes, which is a very fast way to save videos. On the other hand, if you record the video, it will take almost the same amount of time as the video. In terms of efficiency, we recommend download software. Once you have downloaded the video, you can use FlixPal Downloader.