How to Download Mubi Videos with FlixPal in 2024?

While Mubi does not offer an official option to download Mubi videos, FlixPal Downloader provides a convenient solution for users to download Mubi videos.

Offering a carefully curated selection of independent, classic, and international films, Mubi provides viewers with a diverse and enriching cinematic experience. However, one common query among users is the ability to download Mubi videos for offline viewing.

While Mubi itself does not offer this feature, third-party tools like FlixPal Downloader come to the rescue, providing users with the ability to enjoy their favorite Mubi films offline. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of Mubi, its offerings, subscription details, and review the functionality of FlixPal Downloader to download Mubi videos.

What is Mubi?

Mubi is an online streaming platform that offers a curated selection of independent, classic, and international films. It stands out for its carefully curated library, which features a rotating selection of 30 films at any given time. These films, exclusive to Mubi, contribute to its diverse and curated library, enriching the viewing experience for its audience.

What is Mubi?

Mubi is a multifaceted entity in the entertainment industry, serving as both a global streaming platform and a production company/film distributor. It stands out for its unique approach of producing and distributing films by both emerging and established filmmakers.

What Can You Watch from Mubi?

On Mubi, you can watch a diverse range of films, including art-house gems, cult classics, and critically acclaimed titles from around the world. The platform prides itself on showcasing lesser-known films that might not be readily available on other streaming services.

Is Mubi Free?

Mubi operates on a subscription-based model. While it does offer a 7-day free trial for new users, access to its full library requires a paid subscription. However, the subscription fee grants unlimited access to its curated collection of films.

The subscription costs $10.99 per month, with a discounted annual option available for $95.88. Additionally, Mubi provides a seven-day trial, but signing up for it requires entering payment details.

Can you Download Mubi Videos?

Currently, Mubi does not offer an official option to download videos for offline viewing. You cannot download Mubi videos directly to your computer. However, you have the option to download films through the Mubi Android and iOS app and watch them offline.

Moreover, there are third-party tools available that enable users to download Mubi videos to your computer for offline playback.

How to Download Mubi Videos?

One such tool is FlixPal Downloader. FlixPal Downloader is a software designed to help users download videos from various streaming platforms, including Mubi, for offline viewing.

What is FlixPal Downloader?

A user-friendly program called FlixPal Downloader enables users to download videos from well-known streaming services like Mubi, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, among others. For consumers who would want to watch their favorite videos offline, it offers a practical answer.


Top Features of FlixPal Downloader

Some of the top features of FlixPal Downloader include its ability to download videos in high quality, support for batch downloads, and compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, it offers fast download speeds and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use.

Built-in Browser

Its built-in browser feature allows you to navigate through your favorite streaming platforms directly within the application. This eliminates the need to switch between different browsers or tabs, streamlining the process of finding and downloading your desired videos.

Batch Download

FlixPal Downloader offers batch download functionality, enabling you to download multiple videos simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when you have a list of videos you want to save for offline viewing, as it saves you time by downloading them all at once instead of individually.

Automatic Schedule

FlixPal Downloader includes an automatic scheduling feature for downloading new episodes of your favorite TV shows. With this feature, you can set specific times for the downloader to check for and download new episodes as soon as they become available.

This ensures that you never miss out on the latest episodes of your favorite series, allowing you to enjoy them at your convenience.

Detailed Steps to Download Mubi Videos with FlixPal

To download Mubi videos using FlixPal Downloader, follow these simple steps:

1. Install FlixPal Downloader on your computer and launch the software.

FlixPal Downloader

2. Navigate to the Mubi website and log in to your account in the built-in browser of FlixPal.

built-in browser of FlixPal

3. Find the video you want to download and click on the Download button to start the downloading process.

Download button


In conclusion, while Mubi does not offer an official option to download Mubi videos for offline viewing, third-party tools like FlixPal Downloader provide a convenient solution for users who want to enjoy Mubi videos offline.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, FlixPal Downloader makes it easy to download and enjoy your favorite Mubi videos. You can also check how to download UKTV Play videos for more information.