NewsPicks] Summary of the benefits of becoming a paid plan member and the best way to subscribe.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of subscribing to a NewsPicks premium plan, how to subscribe to NewsPicks for less than the regular purchase method, and a summary of these details.

Yusuke Umeda launched the economic news site NewsPicks in 2013. Its credo is to make the economy more attractive. There are many sites to read news, but NewsPicks allows you to read the thoughts and opinions of many readers in one place.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of subscribing to a NewsPicks premium plan, how to subscribe to NewsPicks, which is less expensive than the regular purchase method, and a summary of these details.

About NewsPicks Paid Plans

NewsPicks is one of the most coveted news apps for many business people because it makes it easy to keep up with the latest business trends and economic news.

The number of users has been increasing in recent years, so some of you may have already downloaded it.

Premium membership costs 1,500 yen per month, and Academy membership costs 5,000 yen per month. The application is available for free, but there is also an extensive paid membership program.

  • Free membership→Free per month
  • Premium membership→1,500 yen/month (annual subscription plans available)
  • Academia membership→5,000 yen/month (annual discount plan available)

Paying 1,500 yen per month seemed difficult at one point. However, when I actually upgraded to the Premium membership, I found that I was able to access more than twice as much material and learn more in-depth information than with the free membership.

Personally, I think that if you work for a company and want to be aware of current business and economic trends, the Premium membership (1,500 yen/month) is sufficient.

The Academia membership (4,000 yen/month) offers invitations to lectures and members-only events by prominent figures at the forefront of business, but I must admit that it is a bit pricey for the average company employee.

Advantages of becoming a member of a NewsPicks paid plan

Articles you can only read on NewsPicks

The articles you can read on the free version of NewsPicks are articles that have been published on other sites. In other words, it is content that you can access even if NewsPicks does not feature it. The originals often feature many pieces, not just one, and are often about trending topics or the front lines of business.

Importantly, they provide an excellent in-depth look at the business topics you need to pay attention to. Numerous articles on news sites and in newspapers only cover one aspect of a subject and do not present the whole picture.

NewsPicks Premium provides reliable information not only on the economy, but also on politics, world affairs, marketing trends, and more. It is definitely an important tool for business people to stay informed.

Rich Content

お得】NewsPicks有料プラン料金を安く契約する方法 ニューズ ...

Typical news sites consist of both text and visuals.

However, NewsPicks Premium uses video and images to create rich material that is easy for consumers to engage with and understand.

In addition, with the development of smartphones and Internet connections, content has also improved to a higher standard. For example, illustrated content is one of the main features of the subscription version of NewsPicks. It is a style that sets it apart from other media and provides a good user experience.

The heart of NewsPicks is commenting on the news.

NewsPicks カイゼン報告 2021.11.27

Most of the articles on NewsPicks are quotes from other news sites.

Propickers, other logged-in members, and authoritative commentators then respond to this.

In other words, this "knowledgeable commentary on the news" is the heart of NewsPicks.

By reading different perspectives on the news, we can learn more about it.

Feature Articles Focused on Current Events

NewsPicksアカデミア、オンライン講義を大幅拡充。「ファイナンス」「マーケティング」特集も続々配信予定 | お知らせ | 株式会社ユーザベース  コーポレートサイト - Uzabase

In addition to interviews, general feature articles are also fascinating.

For example, when Spotify debuted in Japan, we ran a feature article with the headline "A New Era of Music."

It included an interview with Spotify's CEO, who had recently visited Japan, an analysis of the factors behind the success of Utada Hikaru's latest CD, and an introduction to Japanese artists working abroad, all of which provided an in-depth look at the music business as streaming becomes increasingly popular. It also includes case studies that can be applied to business, such as an essay on the revival of a local lodging facility whose sales declined after the Corona disaster, a collection of DX case studies, and the challenges one company faced when building AI in-house from scratch.

How to Subscribe to NewsPicks Paid Plan Membership

Subscribe to NewsPicks Premium for free via "President Online".

The costs for NewsPicks Premium are as follows

  • Free membership→Free per month
  • Premium Member→1,500 yen/month (annual subscription plan available)
  • Academia membership -> 5,000 yen/month (half-year discount plan available)

Paying over $1,000/month for a stand-alone service is a bit of a strain on the wallet. President Online is a media for executives that leverages the expertise of Funai Soken, one of Japan's leading consulting firms, and NewsPicks, and is currently read by over 5,000 executives.


The membership fee for the Standard Plan of President Online is 1,650 yen per month. However, subscribers to the Standard Plan also have unlimited access to President Online and NewsPicks Premium.

Original content in NewsPicks Premium can still be viewed as before, with the exception of unlimited reading of the Wall Street Journal.

In other words, if you register for President Online, you can essentially view NewsPicks Premium content for free.

President Online itself offers a lot of very valuable content, so it is great to have unlimited access to both services for only 1,650 yen. That makes it a better value than using NewsPicks Premium alone, as it allows you to take advantage of two high-quality (and paid) information sites.

NewsPicks +d, a free service

NewsPicksとドコモ、ドコモの法人会員向けメディアサービス 「NewsPicks +d」を提供開始 | お知らせ | 株式会社ユーザベース  コーポレートサイト - Uzabase

NewsPicks +d is a completely new news distribution service jointly developed by DOCOMO and NewsPicks. It is targeted at companies and establishments that use the free common authentication ID "Business dAccount" provided by DOCOMO, as well as their staff. The unique feature of this service is that in addition to regular NewsPicks content, users can access NewsPicks+d original articles.

Users can also read summaries of information on topics such as market overviews, trends, leading companies, and sales distribution. It can also be used as a customer information input tool for individuals involved in sales and business planning.

The +d community, where registered users can interact with each other, and the ability to reply to commentators who have partnered with NewsPicks +d, offer more extensive features than NewsPicks.

NewsPicks +d subscriptions are available at two price points.

  • Plan for NewsPicks +d members Free (including tax) (tax included).
  • Plan for NewsPicks +d Premium members subscribing online (Business dX Store) 1,397 yen per month (tax included)

The subscription fee for NewsPicks is significantly less than the direct payment of 1,500 yen.

How to download NewsPicks news videos

In addition to the latest news and articles, NewsPicks has many original programs created around certain social issues. You can also watch lecture videos from prominent figures on the cutting edge of the economy, making NewsPicks an indispensable tool for research within the economic and political industry. However, for research purposes, you may need to watch a single video over and over again. It can be tough to watch videos and news anytime via telecommunications data.

Here is how to download NewsPicks news videos. FlixPal Downloader] can easily download videos from NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Disney+, NHK Plus, etc. Of course, you can also download NewsPicks videos in MP4 format and extract only the audio in MP3 format.

The following is a step-by-step guide to downloading NewsPicks news videos with the [FlixPal Downloader].

1. download this product from the FlixPal website.

First, enter the official FlixPal website with your favorite web browser. The software is available as a free download for both Windows and MAC computers, so select the appropriate version and "free download" it.

2. install and launch FlixPal.

After downloading, launch the FlixPal installation folder and select the installation location. After installation is complete, launch FlixPal and navigate to the official NEWSPICKS website from the application's main menu.

3. Find the video you wish to download.

Go to NEWSPICKS, log in with your paid membership account, find the news video you want to download, and go to the video playback page.

4. Set the quality of the video.

In the pop-up box that appears next, select the desired video and audio quality and click the "Download Now" button. Resolutions range from 320P to 1080P, depending on the video.

5. start downloading

Once you click the "Download Now" button, the video will download immediately. 20 minutes of video should take approximately 2 minutes to download.


That's all for now, we've covered the paid plans for NewsPicks, along with how you can download news videos. What do you think?

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