Theater Complex] Summary of how to screen record and download content from stage delivery services.

Meta Description: "[Theatre Complex] We've put together a list of ways to screen record and download content from stage subscription services, and with the Leawo Screen Recorder and FlixPal downloader, you can easily download it while also paying attention to copyright protection."

This article provides a comprehensive guide to screen recording and downloading "Theatre Complex" streaming content for offline viewing.With the Leawo Screen Recorder, you can easily record on your computer, but you must be aware of copyright protection. You can also use the FlixPal downloader to easily download Theater Complex videos. This article explains how to install it and what to look out for.

Theater Complex TOP is a specialized stage delivery service under the slogan "Save the Stage" in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, which has reduced the number of performance venues and limited the number of lottery winners, making it impossible for many people to go to the site.

Theater Complex has also been offering a variety of stage performances, including a stage adaptation of the popular manga "Blade of Oni no Kai", the performance "Nintama Rantaro", Jewel Stage's "On Air! and "Ouran High School Host Club," as well as a variety of original productions.

Theater Complex] How to record a performance

Leawo Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recording program that allows you to record a stage from Theater Complex on your computer. It also has the ability to quickly edit the video while recording the screen. In addition, live streaming, live games, online meetings, and streaming video recording are also possible.

1. go to the official website of Leawo Screen Recorder on your computer and select the "Download" button. After downloading and installing the program, run this software.

2. the user interface of Leawo Screen Recorder is divided into four modules. Select "Screen Recorder."

3. Click the "Select Region/Window" button to select the screen area to record.

Full Screen: means capturing images on the entire computer screen.

Area/Window: Allows you to freely select the recording area.

4. Adjust the system volume and press the REC button. The screen recording will then begin.

To end recording, press the "STOP" button. The "Recording History" function allows you to view the recorded and saved video files.

However, LeawoScreen Recorder has the following drawbacks

1. LeawoScreen Recorder is not able to record all videos; for services with DRM, in the recorded video, all you can see is a black screen, though you can hear the sound. This is because the content of the video is protected by copyright. Please note that copyrighted videos cannot be imported. 2.

2. Leawo Screen Recorder has a free trial version and a full version available for purchase. Before purchasing the full version, please check it by recording videos with the free trial version. Videos recorded and saved with the free trial version are limited to 3 minutes in duration and have 4 "Leawo Screen Recorder" watermarks.

How to download [Theater Complex] Delivery Stage

The next step is a more time-efficient way. The backstage method to download Theatre Complex videos to your computer. " FlixPal Downloader" is an application specialized for saving videos. In contrast to the ability to record using "Leawo Screen Recorder," "FlixPal Downloader" allows you to download videos in a relatively short time. In addition, it can download videos from the theater complex in the largest resolution possible, Full HD. In addition, videos downloaded in MP4 format can be immediately output to a folder on your computer.

Below are the instructions on how to download Theater Complex performances with FlixPal.

1. download and install the FlixPal downloader on your personal computer from the official FlixPal downloader homepage.

2. launch FlixPal and enter "" in the address bar to access Anime Festa. You will need to log in as a member before downloading. Next, locate the video you wish to download. 3.

3. go to the video playback page and start playing the video. You will know that the video is ready for download when the "MDP" button in the upper left corner of the website turns from gray to blue. 4.

4. Click "MDP," select the video quality, audio quality, etc. you wish to save, and click the "Download Now" button.

5. After doing so, the video will start downloading.

Before downloading, please review the following articles

1. FlixPal only allows users 3 free downloads, but the video can be downloaded in its entirety just like the original version, regardless of time, picture or sound quality.

2. While downloading the video, you may be affected by internet latency, but the video will not be choppy or heavy like a recording


Theater Complex is a specialized stage delivery service that allows people who are unable to go to the site due to the new coronavirus to enjoy the stage. You can use the Leawo screen recorder for recording on your computer, but note that copyrighted videos cannot be imported. You can also use the FlixPal downloader to easily download Theater Complex videos. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.

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