How to remove DRM and download Amazon Prime Video videos easily?

In this article, we have shown you how to remove DRM from Amazon Prime Video and download videos without the need to analyze DRM using FlixPal Amazon Downloader. Even beginners can easily download videos.

This article explained the restrictions and DRM (Digital Rights Management) for downloading Amazon Prime Video and showed how to remove DRM and download videos easily using the FlixPal Amazon Downloader FlixPal Amazon Downloader Loader is dedicated to downloading Amazon Prime Video only, but can be used for other streaming services by paying later. FlixPal Amazon Downloader also allows you to enjoy movies and videos ad-free, as well as save subtitles as external SRT files or remix them with text. using FlixPal Amazon Downloader is also easy: you want to download Simply search for the video and select "Download Now" when you are ready to download. With this software, even beginners can easily download videos.

Amazon You can't download anything but the Prime Video app.

DRM is a technology with measures to prevent copying and downloading, like copy protection for DVDs and Blu-rays. DRM is also applied to Amazon Prime Video, and the screen goes dark when recording, making it impossible to record. It is not possible to download video content to any device other than a smartphone or tablet that can access the application. In addition, the following restrictions apply to official downloads.

Amazon Prime Video Restrictions

  • A maximum of 25 titles can be downloaded with one account
  • Up to 2 devices can be downloaded with 1 account.
  • Some titles cannot be downloaded
  • Downloaded titles can only be viewed within the "Amazon Prime Video" app
  • Downloaded movies cannot be permanently saved and can only be viewed for 30 days (48 hours when offline).

*After 30 days, you will need to download again. If more than 48 hours have passed while you are offline, you can watch it by going online again.

  • To enjoy Amazon Prime Video on a TV or PC monitor, devices such as Fire TV Stick 4K or Apple TV are required.

For this reason, the official app only offers a limited download function and does not allow you to download the videos to a PC or other media player for playback.

What is DRM?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the general term for access control technologies for the use of digital content on computers and mobile devices. It protects copyrighted music, movies, books, and other content from unauthorized copying and discourages illegal use. However, DRM can also be restrictive for consumers, limiting how they can use content and migrate devices.

Can I remove DRM from Amazon Prime Video?

DRM cannot be easily removed, but FlixPal Amazon Downloader can be used to remove DRM from Amazon Prime Video and other streaming videos such as Netflix, Hulu, and U-NEXT.

FlixPal Amazon Downloader Features

  • FlixPal Amazon Downloader supports Full HD 1080p video downloads on the Amazon platform
  • You will not be disturbed by ads while enjoying your movies and videos
  • FlixPal Amazon Downloader subtitles can be saved as external SRT files or remixed with text
  • Downloaded videos can be automatically transferred to compatible MP4 files
  • Highest download speed with GPU boost, even with batch download feature

How to use FlixPal Amazon Downloader

Before using the FlixPal Amazon Downloader, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime Video; there is a 30-day free period during which you can download with a new subscription. Also, joining Amazon Prime is cosmetically cheaper at 550 yen/month. 30 days free video downloading is an advantage.

STEP1 First, install "FlixPal Amazon Downloader" on FlixPal's official website.

Go to the above link and download any OS version (Mac version is also available) (select the free download first).

STEP2 Launch the installer from the downloaded data and click "Quick Install.

STEP3 When installation is complete, click "Start Now.

When the top screen appears, installation is complete. There will be little to no confusion.

STEP4 When the top screen opens, click on "VIP Services" on the left and select "Amazon Prime Video" (if you purchased the software, it will appear under "Activate").

STEP5 When the screen below appears, "Login" and search for the video you wish to download.

STEP6 Click on the video you wish to download, it will be automatically analyzed and ready for download. If you select "Add to Queue," it will only be analyzed. If you select "Download Now," the download will begin at the same time.

There is no need to do any DRM analysis. With this software, even beginners can easily download videos.

FlixPal Amazon Downloader is dedicated to downloading only Amazon Prime videos. However, it can also support other streaming services by charging later.


In this article, we have shown you how to download videos using FlixPal Amazon Downloader without the need to remove the DRM of Amazon Prime Video. This method is easy to perform even for beginners; use the free version of FlixPal to download videos from Amazon Prime Video.

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