What software can I use to download videos from TV Tokyo and BS Teletext?

TV Tokyo and BS Teletext are video distribution services in Japan. It mainly serves the Tokyo area. Do you know how to download videos from TV Tokyo/BS Teletext? Do you have videos you want to download from Teletext? This article recommends the best software to download videos from TV Tokyo.

About TV TOKYO and BS Teletext

About TV TOKYO/BS Teletext

TV TOKYO/BS Teletext is an information site that provides up-to-date information on TV TOKYO group, including dramas, movies, variety shows, and live programs, as well as the video streaming service Paravi, news and events, SNS, announcers, and more.

What channels are available on TV TOKYO and BS Teletext?

TV Tokyo has eight video distribution channels, including "Teletext Real Time," "Netto mo Teletext," "Teletext BIZ," "Paravi," and "TVer.

Some of them are paid video distribution services, while others are free video distribution services. People may have different choices of delivery services. Each distribution service does not necessarily allow you to download videos.

In addition, we do not recommend such downloading methods because of the various limitations of the official application download function. For example, Tver does not provide a download function.

DRM video protection technology in TVer, a TV Tokyo channel

Since Tver is equipped with DRM video protection technology, it is not possible to easily record or download videos. When recording with ordinary recording software, the video playback area can only be displayed as black.

Now, we would like to introduce a convenient and easy way to download TV Tokyo and BS Teletext videos, so we recommend FlixPal, a software for unlimited download of TV Tokyo videos.

FlixPal, a software for unlimited downloading

What is FlixPal?

FlixPal allows you to easily download videos from free and paid streaming services and social networking services such as twitter, Facebook, etc. With FlixPal, you can download videos from TV Tokyo's 8 video distribution channels. Below are the instructions for downloading TV Tokyo and BS Teletext videos with a screen shot.

Steps to download videos from TV Tokyo and BS Teletext with FlixPal

STEP1 After downloading the application from the official FlixPal website, install it on the selected file. Note that there are Windows and Mac versions of FlixPal to use.

STEP2 Launch FlixPal and enter the official website URL of " TV Tokyo/BS TV" in the search field of the built-in browser to find the video you wish to download.

STEP3 Click "Play" on the video you want to download and enter the viewing page.

STEP4 When this video page appears, click [DRM M3U8] in the upper right corner to open a new window.

STEP5 After selecting the save format and quality in the pop-up window, click [Download Now].

What are the advantages of FlixPal?

  • Download TV Tokyo videos in the highest quality 1080p

You can download FlixPal TV Tokyo videos in 1080p. Includes both live and recorded video. For live streamers, FlixPal is the perfect tool.

  • Fast download in MP4

FlixPal guarantees fast downloads in MP4 files with the highest compatibility.

  • Batch download of live TV Tokyo videos

With the batch download feature, FlixPal allows you to download live and past videos from TV Tokyo in one go.

  • Automatic ad removal from TV Tokyo

Want to remove ads from TV Tokyo videos? FlixPal makes it happen; FlixPal guarantees a great ad-free video viewing experience.


How about it, now that you know the benefits of FlixPal, you can start using FlixPal as soon as you have a movie you want to download to Teletext's video streaming service. Right now, we have three free video download trials. And it's totally OK to use FlixPal for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus other streaming services!