9 Best Hulu Original Movies to Watch Right Now

We have listed down some of our favorite Hulu Original Movies in this article so you can add them to your wishlist for this year and beyond.

Hulu’s content library is loaded with fun and exciting content that is enough to keep any binge-watcher’s interest hooked throughout. From reality shows to comedy series and exclusive Hulu Originals, you can find pretty much every content genre on Hulu’s extensive media library.

The best part?

You can stream Hulu on different devices, including your gaming consoles, Roku devices, and computer (read more about it over here: How to Watch Hulu on the Computer? [Updated May 2022]

We have listed down some of our favorite Hulu Original Movies in this article so you can add them to your wishlist for this year and beyond.

9 Best Hulu Original Movies to Watch Right Now

1 - Little Monsters

Story: If you're in the mood for a horror-comedy with equal parts spooky and funny, look no further than Little Monsters. Starring Lupita Nyong'o and Josh Gad, the film follows a kindergarten teacher who takes her class on a field trip to a petting zoo, only to have them besieged by zombies. With Nyong'o leading the charge, the children must use their wits and imagination to survive the onslaught of flesh-eating monsters.

Aside from being an enjoyable romp, Little Monsters also features an important message about teaching children how to deal with fears and anxiety. Nyong'o is terrific in the lead role, while Gad brings his usual comedic chops.

Cast: Lupita Nyong'o, Josh Gad, Alexander England, Kat Stewart

Director: Abe Forsythe

Writer: Abe Forsythe

Runtime: 89 minutes

Rating: R

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2 - Wounds

Story: Wounds follows a group of friends who find a cell phone that belongs to a missing girl. As they attempt to track her down, the group realizes that the phone is cursed and starts to experience terrifying hallucinations.

As the friends descend into madness, they must also contend with an evil entity that is hell-bent on destroying them. Wounds is a chilling tale that will keep you guessing until the end.

Cast: Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Karl Glusman

Director: Babak Anvari

Writer: Babak Anvari

Runtime: 108 minutes

Rating: R

3 - Palm Springs

Story: Palm Springs is a romantic comedy about two strangers who meet at a wedding and get stuck in a time loop. As they relive the same day repeatedly, the pair starts to fall for each other.

Palm Springs is a charming film that will leave you laughing and rooting for the main characters. The movie is a perfect blend of comedy and romance, and it's sure to please viewers of all ages.

Cast: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons, Peter Gallagher

Director: Max Barbakow

Writer: Andy Siara

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

4 - Big Time Adolescence

Story: Big Time Adolescence is a coming-of-age comedy about a 16-year-old boy taken under the wing of his older, more relaxed friend. The two spend their days smoking weed, playing video games, and avoiding responsibility.

Big Time Adolescence is a hilarious film that captures the teenage years perfectly. The movie will resonate with anyone who has ever been a teenager or had a teenage son.

Cast: Griffin Gluck, Pete Davidson, Sydney Sweeney, Jon Cryer

Director: Jason Orley

Writer: Jason Orley

Runtime: 93 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

5 - The Binge

Story: The Binge is set in a future where all drugs and alcohol are illegal. The only way to get your fix is to compete in a government-sponsored competition called The Binge.

The Binge is an intriguing concept exploring what would happen if the world were rid of all drugs and alcohol. The film is well-acted and directed, and it will leave you thinking long after it's over.

Cast: Skyler Gisondo, Dexter Darden, Eugene Cordero, Vince Vaughn

Director: Jeremy Garelick

Writer: Jordan VanDina

Runtime: 101 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

6 - Happiest Season

Story: Happiest Season is a holiday romantic comedy that follows Abby (Kristen Stewart), who plans to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) at Harper's family's annual Christmas dinner.

However, when Abby arrives, she discovers that Harper has not come out to her conservative parents yet. As the night goes on, secrets are revealed, and relationships are put to the test.

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza

Director: Clea DuVall

Writer: Clea DuVall, Mary Holland

Runtime: 104 minutes

Rating: PG-13

7 - Bad Hair

Story: The movie follows Anna Bludso, a woman working in music television during the late 1980s who is desperate to succeed. She gets a weave, which she believes will make her more attractive to her boss. However, her new hair may have a mind of its own.

The movie is unique, and Bludso's character is very relatable. The cast is also great, with Elle Lorraine playing Bludso and Vanessa Williams as her boss.

Cast: Elle Lorraine, Vanessa Williams, Lena Waithe, Jay Pharoah

Director: Justin Simien

Writer: Justin Simien

Runtime: 95 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

8 - The United States vs Billie Holiday

Story: The movie starts with Billie Holiday (Andra Day) at the height of her career in the early 1940s. She's a successful jazz singer with many hits, but she's also a target of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics due to her outspoken views on race relations.

The movie follows Holiday as she's targeted by the government and struggles to keep her career while dealing with addiction and heartbreak.

Cast: Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes, Garrett Hedlund, Leslie Jordan

Director: Lee Daniels

Writer: Suzan-Lori Parks

Runtime: 125 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

9 - The Ultimate Playlist of Noise

Story: The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is another best movie on Hulu that follows a group of friends who are passionate about music and use it to escape the pain of their everyday lives.

The group comes up with the idea to create the ultimate playlist of noise, which leads them on a journey across the country, searching for the perfect sound.

Cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Alex Wolff, Madison Iseman, Olivia Cooke

Director: Bennett Lasseter

Writer: Ryan Mitchell

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

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