How to join Nico Nico Channel and its benefits! How to download live broadcasts too?

This article introduces how to join the Nico Nico Channel, its benefits, and how to download videos from the Nico Nico Channel.

What kind of service does Nico Nico Channel provide?

"What are the benefits of joining the Nico Nico Channel?"

What is the difference between Nico Nico Channel and Nico Nico Premium Membership?"

This article will focus on the above questions and explain Nico Nico Channel in detail.

What is Nico Nico Channel?

Nico Nico Channel is an online site (channel) opened by companies and organizations.

When you join the Nico Nico Channel of your choice, you can watch anime/ASMR/games and many other videos, live streaming, and bloggers.

It was originally created as a corporate account when companies, corporations, etc. entered Nico Nico Nico Douga, but later became Nico Nico Channel.

It can be said that this service was created in order to create a system that allows contributors to collect fees on their own.

It can be said that this service was launched to create a system that allows creators to collect fees on their own.

Below is an introduction of how many channels are available.


Channel introduction

dAnime Store Niconico Branch
dAnime Store Niconico Branch offers more than 2,000 anime titles for
You can watch more than 2,000 anime titles for a flat monthly fee of 400 yen (tax not included)!
From the latest anime broadcast on TV to classic anime
You can enjoy a wide range of works with comments.

Niji-sanji Official Nico Nico Channel
Nico Nico Channel of the virtual driver project "NijiSanji
This is "NijiSanji Official Nico Nico Channel".
In this channel, various members of NijiSanji will appear and give the latest information about the group and their live performers.
the latest information about the group and the charms of the NijiSanji's LIVERs.
The channel will feature regular programs that provide the latest information on the group and the charms of its members.
Special backstage broadcasts, ticket pre-registration, and the fastest feedback broadcasts will also be held in conjunction with the event.

Yukihiro Notsuyama/Shota Hayama Noplan Night!
550 yen/month (tax included)
No plan Nico Nico Live! The radio program "Yukihiro Nozuyama/Shota Hayama NoplanNight!" started in January 2020, 2020, is a radio program to bring you a no-plan night.

Naoki Momota Channel
Best-selling author and writer Naoki Momota talks about his work, politics, private life, and other topics on his blog and live broadcast.

Yukihisa Oikawa The Wisdom LIVE Channel
Official channel of Yukihisa Oikawa.

Horror Hyakumonogatari Channel
550 yen/month (tax included)
Monthly live broadcasts of horror content! Enjoy movie screenings, horror events, original programming and more all year round!

hololive official fan club
This is an official fan club (500 yen/month + tax) run by the Vtuber agency "hololive".
There are a lot of hololive contents that you can only enjoy here!

all standard is c☆
Makoto is also active on Youtube!
I broadcast once a week!
This is an ASMR main channel (with KU100).
I am a 2.5D Virtual Girlfriend Vtuber!
I love games, anime, and singing!

I have grown up (half of my life) with internet streaming.
My head is full of things to do with streaming.
Chatting, live games, singing, live-action camera (cosplay), cooking, ASMR...
I want to do many more!
Anyway, I love to deliver! Thank you very much!

Bakumatsu Shishi
This is the user channel of Bakumatsu Shishi!

How to join Nico Nico Channel

1, Find and select the channel of your choice from the Nico Nico Channel top page.

2、Log in and select credit card or docomo payment on the payment method selection page for the Nico Nico Channel you selected.

3, Make sure "Experience Premium Membership (0 yen for the first month)" is checked

4、Select "Proceed to the enrollment procedure", choose "入", and complete the subscription procedure to enjoy Premium for 0 yen for the first month.

What are the benefits of joining Nico Nico Channel?

Starting Wednesday, April 15, 2020, you can join Nico Nico Channel and become a Premium member at the same time for free for the first month.

Previously limited to credit card payment only, in response to numerous requests, we will support payment by docomo from Tuesday, February 01, 2022.

When you join Nico Nico Premium, you will be able to

You can enjoy programs after they have aired and scenes you have missed once again.

View Nico Nico Channel content at the fastest and highest quality ever.

View live broadcasts of popular channels with priority.

Watch Nico Nico Channel contents comfortably without advertisements.

What is the difference between a Premium member and a Channel member of Nico Nico Douga?

Nico Nico Douga has videos that are exclusive to channel members, but they are often mistakenly thought to mean the same thing as premium membership.

What is the difference? We will explain it in detail below.

The key difference between a Premium membership and a Channel membership is "where to join".

The Nico Nico Channel service offers many videos and live broadcasts.

The owner of the channel independently solicits members from the audience and publishes videos for them. Unlike "favorites" of regular video contributors, people who follow a channel are called "channel members.

Premium members, on the other hand, are users who have paid for Nico Nico Douga itself. It is just the difference between joining a certain channel and joining Nico Nico Nico's platform.

How can I save Nico Nico Channel content?

The Nico Nico Channel is full of content from a wide variety of genres, including live broadcasts, comedy, anime, ASMR, games, and more.

Some of you may be wondering, "How can I download videos from the Nico Nico Channel after I join?" You're probably wondering, "How can I download videos from the Nico Nico Channel after I join?

Here we recommend FlixPal downloader, a software that allows you to download videos from streaming services, including Nico Nico Channel.

FlixPal supports diverse distribution services such as ABEMA, Pavira, U-NEXT, etc., and can also easily download videos from social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. FlixPal is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including a Mac-only version.

Here are the steps to download videos from Nico Nico Channel with FlixPal, with pictures.

STEP1 Download the application from the top page of FlixPal's official website.

== == Download the FlixPal app

STEP2 Open the FlixPal app and enter the URL of the Nico Nico Channel official website in the search field of the built-in browser.

STEP3 Then, search for the video you want to download on Nico Nico. Click on the video you want to download and enter the viewing page.

STEP4 Then a pop-up window will appear.

STEP4 After selecting the suitable quality and music in the pop-up window that appears, click "Download Now" to start downloading the video.

What do you think? There is a Nico Nico Channel video you want to download, so let's try it. By the way, with FlixPal, you can "record" live broadcasts and live content just like a recording software. It is more appropriate to download while watching rather than "record".

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