NiziU Korean Popularity Ranking! Introducing the hit stage at the end of 2022!

In this issue, we present a ranking of the popularity of NiziU members in Korea, based on numerical data extracted from Google Trends, Instagram, and Twitter.

NiziU is a nine-member Japanese girl group that is active worldwide. Their agency is JYP Entertainment, and their peer groups include TWICE and ITZY.

In this issue, we present the popularity ranking of NiziU members in Korea, based on numerical data extracted from Google Trends, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is the 2022 NiziU Korea popularity ranking?

What is NiziU?

 NiziU is a nine-member Japanese girl group that is active worldwide. Their agency is JYP Entertainment, and their peer groups include TWICE and ITZY.

 NiziU was planned by producer J.Y. Park. K-Pop 3.0" based on the program. NiziU was formed from the top nine winners of the Nizi Project, a global audition survival program jointly launched by Sony Music Inc. and JYP Inc. in Japan and Korea. (still available on hulu).

 The group members are Mako Yamaguchi (Mako), Riku Oe (Riku), Rima Yokoi (Rima), Rio Hanahashi (Rio), Maya Katsumura (Maya), Mimitsu Suzuno (Miihi), Mayuka Kogai (Mayuka), Ayaka Arai (Ayaka) and Hilman Nina (Nina). The name of the group, NiziU, is derived from the Nizi of "Nizi Project" and the "U" representing the group members. It is similar to the pronunciation of "Need You," which is also the meaning of the word.

Brief Biography

 On June 26, 2020, the members were announced on the audition program "Nizi Project"; on June 30, 2020, they made their pre-debut with the release of their digital mini album "Make you happy"; on December 2, 2020, they made their official major debut with the release of their first debut single album "Step and a step"; on December 31, they made their official major debut with the release of their first debut single album "Step and a step". On December 31, they participated in the 71st NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen as a red group singer. On April 7, 2021, their second single album "Take a picture/Poppin' Shakin'" was released, and on November 24, their first album "U" was released.

The ranking results are shown in the table below.

Popularity Rank


South Korea

1st place



2nd place



3rd place



4th place






6th place



7th place



8th place



9th Riku



Let's check them out one by one in detail.

1) NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #1 Miihi

  • Real name Miihi Suzuno
  • Birthday: August 14, 2004
  • Catch Copy Smile maker of NiziU
  • Position Lead vocalist, lead dancer
  • Special ability To be able to sleep anywhere quickly

 Miihi's overwhelming singing ability and performance attracted the attention of JY Park and was highly acclaimed. Also known as a born idol, Miihi is loved by many fans.

 Long hair and a young face are Miihi's distinguishing features. Her clear and soothing voice is considered unique.

 As a representative stage performance, "nobody" performed at the Korean training camp was highly acclaimed and became the most moving stage in Nizi Project, didn't it?

 The group took a temporary break due to health problems, but has now recovered and resumed their activities.

(2) NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #2 mako

  • Real name Mako Yamaguchi
  • Birthday April 4, 2001
  • Catchphrase Leader of NiziU
  • Position Leader
  • Special ability Gluttony

 Mako was originally a trainee at JYP Entertainment and has been working her way down the ladder for about two years in order to debut on stage. Her perfect personality and performance made her popular among fans, and she debuted as the leader of NiziU with the first place in the final ranking.

 She has a thin face and a cool style. She has a passionate and positive personality. Such a mako is deservedly loved by many fans.


③NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #3 Rima

  • Real name Rima Yokoi
  • Birthday March 26, 2004
  • Catchphrase NiziU's attractive voice
  • Position Main rapper, sub-vocalist
  • Special skills Big and fast noodle eater, lettering

 Lima, like Mako, is also a talented idol who came from a practice group. Her father is a rapper and her mother is the famous model Miwa Nakabayashi, and Lima is a beautiful woman with a great rap sense, inherited from her parents.

 Lima speaks both English and Korean, and is a hard worker with strong language skills. We expect her to continue to be active on the global stage.


(4) NiziU Korean Popularity Ranking #4 Riku

  • Real name Riku Oe
  • Birthday October 26, 2002 Catchphrase NiziU's charming voice
  • Catchphrase NiziU's energetic squirrel
  • Position Lied vocals
  • Special skills Karate, remembering people's birthdays

 I was in charge of vocals for the bridge part of the pre-debut song "Make you happy" and admired Riku's beautiful voice. Although your abilities are not outstanding in Rainbow Pro, you have shown remarkable growth and hard work in a short time.

 With their small faces and sweet smiles, they are quite popular in Korea, and the trainers at JYP rave about their cuteness, making them easy to remember.


5) NiziU Korean Popularity Ranking #5 Ayaka

  • Real name Ayaka Arai
  • Birthday June 20, 2003
  • Catch phrase Fluffy beauty of NiziU
  • Position: Sub-vocalist
  • Special skills: Tennis, breaststroke, can sleep anywhere

 Called "the nation's first love With a face similar to that of missA's Suzy, she is the indispensable visual person in NiziU. It is true that her dancing and singing skills are a little lacking, but she never gives up and her continuous efforts have moved everyone and won her success and made her debut.

You made a strong impression with your overwhelming visuals.

 See image

⑥NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #6 Maya

  • Real name Maya Katsumura
  • Birthday April 8, 2002
  • Catch phrase Swan of NiziU
  • Position Lead Dancer Sub Vocal
  • Special ability Cooking

 Maya has been participating in dance contests since she was in junior high school, and has the dancing ability to make it to the national competitions. She was a trainee at YG Entertainment before joining Rainbow Pro.

She is good at painting, theater and dance. The picture-story show she performed at the Rainbow Pro Tokyo camp was very impressive. Maya won the cube with her brilliant theatrical performance and star power.

 Her sincerity and constant effort are also attractive.


7) NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #7 Rio

  • Real name Rio Hanahashi
  • Birthday February 4, 2002
  • Catchphrase The source of NiziU's energy
  • Position: Main dancer
  • Special ability Free dance, Eating a lot of eggs

 Before joining NijiPro, she performed as "Bannies," the younger sister group of E-girls. They received harsh evaluations at Rainbow Pro, but they worked hard without losing and earned the chance to make their debut.

 Her ability is unspeakably strong and her personality is strong to the core. She led the team in the final mission of the Tokyo training camp and showed the power of a leader.

    NiziU Korea

8) NiziU Korea Popularity Ranking #8 Nina

  • Real name Hillman Nina (Nina)
  • Birthday February 27, 2005
  • Catchphrase Youngest child of NiziU
  • Positional Main vocalist
  • Special Skills Singing, Piano, Skiing, Mouth tricks, Pampering

 Nina, whose mother is Japanese and father is American and therefore of mixed race, is a very exotic beauty.

 Because of her mixed race, she is the easiest member to remember because of her exotic face.


⑨NiziU Korean Popularity Ranking #9 Mayuka

  • Real name Mayuka Kogai
  • Birthday November 13, 2003
  • Catchphrase Chameleon of NiziU
  • Position: Sub-vocalist, lead rapper
  • Special ability Piano

 Always smiling and seemingly full of kindness, Mayuka is the member most appreciated for her personality by JYP's trainers.

 She has made a successful debut, attracting quite a bit of attention with her calm and relaxed atmosphere. It seems that more and more fans will be captivated by her cute and innocent smile.

2. NiziU Korea's popularity has increased dramatically! For the stage at the end of 2022?

 The fastest ever to appear in Kohaku shortly after 4 months since their debut. The digital mini album "Make you happy" took first place with the highest number of downloads of all time. The MV video for the title track "Make you happy" has over 300 million views on yutube and 2.3 million likes. niziU is currently gaining momentum two years after its pre-debut. NiziU has been making great strides in their popularity in Korea, appearing at KCON 2022 JAPAN and 2022 MAMA.

 Let's enjoy NiziU's spectacular performances at KCON 2022 JAPAN and 2022 MAMA together. NiziU is amazing, and they give their best performance with all their might. I am impressed even if I see it many times.


2022 MAMA

1.21 million views



1.48 million views

KCON 2022 Premiere

3.97 million views


NiziU's 4th single "Blue Moon" will be released on December 14, 2022. Please support us then too!