Instructions for Downloading Paramount Plus Videos to Watch Later

This article talks about the video-on-demand service Paramount Plus, which is available in the United States. We talked about what Paramount Plus is, how much it costs, which devices can use it, and what you can watch on it.

Paramount Global operates Paramount+, a video-on-demand subscription service in the United States. Paramount Pictures and CBS Media Ventures are the main providers of programming. However, Paramount Media Networks and Paramount Pictures also produce original films and live-streaming coverage.

Paramount+ first launched in the United States under the name CBS All Access on October 28, 2014. It was officially announced in September 2020 that Paramount+ would relaunch the service as Paramount+ by 2021. The name of the film studio is used.

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What Is the Cost of Paramount+?

Essential Plan

  • $4.99/month
  • $49.99/year

Premium Plans

  • $9.99/month
  • $99.99/year

Paramount Plus has two options for plans. Each plan includes access to Paramount Plus' on-demand library as well as some live sports. However, the Essential Plan does not allow for ad interruptions when viewing on-demand content.

You can view on-demand programming without ads and get live access to local CBS stations with the Premium Plan. Normal commercial breaks will still be included since CBS streaming is live.

Is Paramount+ Available for a Free Trial?

Paramount Plus

Yes. Paramount+ subscribers will receive seven days of the free trial before the subscription begins. It's comparable to other streaming services.

Paramount+ is free to terminate if you do not want it anymore after the trial ends. You will also be charged if Paramount+ is kept active for more than a week.

Which Devices Can I Use to Watch Paramount Plus on My Device?

These are just a few examples of compatible devices with Paramount Plus.

  • Computer
  • Apple TV
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Android TV
  • Tablet and Android smartphone
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Portal TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Samsung TV
  • Vizio TV
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Xfinity Flex, X1
  • Cox Contour Box

What Movies Are Available on Paramount+?

Paramount Plus gives you access to vintage and original programming, including from Nickelodeon and Comedy Central as well as MTV, Paramount Pictures, and CBS. Access to local CBS networks is also included in the Premium Plan.

Paramount Plus is where you can view all your favorite series including Survivor, NCIS, and Ghosts without a cable subscription.

Paramount Plus offers brand-new films as well, which includes Paramount's theatrical release 30 to 45 days following their original release. Paramount Plus's first theatrical release was A Quiet Place II. This was followed in 2022 by Jackass Forever and The Lost City. Sonic the Hedgehog II came next.

You will also find older TV shows and films. It began with movies from popular series like Star Trek and Indiana Jones. Paramount claims that its current collection includes more than 30,000 films and episodes.

Paramount Plus continues to develop original content including two Yellowstone series. 1883: The Bass Reeves Tale will tell the story of 1883. 1932, which stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will examine a new period in the Dutton family's history.

How Can You Watch and Download Paramount Plus Videos?

Paramount+ can be accessed online at and through the Paramount+ App for iOS and Android as well as on many other platforms. For offline viewing, you can download Paramount Plus videos.

Paramount Plus TV and Film programming can be downloaded. You can save broadcasts to your computer for offline viewing if you have a premium subscription. However, this function has limitations. It is not allowed to use a third-party program without restrictions.

It is easy to save and download Paramount Plus classic TV shows using a Paramount PlusDownloader. The download is simple and quick, while the interface is user-friendly.

What Is FlixPal?

FlixPal Paramount+ Downloader
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FlixPal Paramount Plus Downloader Features

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How Do I Download Paramount Plus Videos?

  • Paramount+ is available on FlixPal.
  • Start the program and select Paramount Plus VIP Services
  • Select the title you require or click on the video to play it
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Get to the Bottom

Paramount Plus is a US subscription video-on-demand service. This article will discuss it. This article explains what Paramount Plus is, its cost, compatibility with compatible devices, and the features you can view on it.

We also introduced FlixPal Paramount+ Downloader. This allows you to download nearly any TV or movie from Paramount Plus, and then play it on the devices that are compatible with them.