Why Is My TikTok Not Working? (Troubleshoot)

TikTok is a great app, but it is bound to face some malfunctioning. If you are also stuck with why is my TikTok not working, dive into this article to get your confusion cleared.

TikTok gained instant recognition after its launch back in September 2016. Today, the short video-creating application is one of the most used and enjoyed applications in social media. However, as marvelous as it is and no matter how much fun content it holds, in the end, like any other social media platform or service, it can malfunction too.

It isn’t something that you should worry about, though. If you are someone whose TikTok app is acting up, and you cannot figure out why this is happening, then worry not because this article will help you figure out what your issue might be and how it can be fixed.

Why Is My TikTok Not Working?

Pinpointing one reason why your TikTok is not working immediately might be a little challenging. This is because your TikTok app can malfunction because of several different reasons. From poor internet connectivity to your device not supporting the app, problems like internal TikTok glitches might add up, too.

Hence, understanding all the different reasons and ways to fix them is essential to make your TikTok work again. If you constantly face a TikTok issue and want to know how to make your TikTok work by troubleshooting the problem? Hop on below to find out.

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How to Make My TikTok Work?

Fixing your TikTok malfunction or problem is the same as fixing any other technical problem. No, we aren’t talking about following the same steps but the exact mechanism. This means you start with the simplest solution and then move forward with more complex methods to rule out your issue.

Here are the top troubleshooting ways to fix your TikTok issue and make it work again.

Check Your Internet Connection

Before you wonder, is TikTok down? Or, why your TikTok application is malfunctioning, we suggest you check your internet connectivity. One of the significant reasons behind TikTok not working can be slow or inactive internet connectivity.

The TikTok application is entirely internet based and hence would need high-speed or at least a strong internet connection to work efficiently. Hence, checking WiFi connectivity is essential. If you are using cellular data, make sure that TikTok has permission to access it.

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Check for App Updates

Questions like why is my TikTok inbox not working, why is my following page on TikTok not working, or why is my text-to-speech not working on TikTok might arise in your mind, especially when it is working for others.

The best way to eliminate these queries is to check whether your TikTok app needs an update. There might be recent updates released for the TikTok app, mainly aiming to solve the issue you are facing. Hence, go to your app or play store and update your app to resolve the query about why is my TikTok not working.

Restart the App or Your Phone

While it might not be the most tech-savvy method to solve TikTok glitches, it is one that works. If you are stuck with why is my TikTok not working, we suggest you close your app, refresh your phone, and start it again. If it doesn’t work, switching off your phone and restarting it can do the job for you.

Check If TikTok Is Down

If all the above reasons haven’t worked in fixing your issue and you are still wondering why is my TikTok not working? Then the next step is to search if TikTok is down.

This search can be done through the DownDetector, which will confirm if it is a TikTok issue or if TikTok is down.

Give Permission to the App

There might be times when you are recording a TikTok video, and your original sound doesn’t work. This might not have happened before and leaves you wondering why is my original sound not working on TikTok.

This can be because your app might have lost its sound accessibility permission from your phone. Go to your Settings and search for TikTok. Toggle the switch back to permit your app to re-access the sounds.

Try TikTok on Another Device

If you have given the permissions and all the above methods have been checked, then this might be the right time to switch to another device or ask a friend if TikTok is working for them or not. If their device works fine, it increases the probability of your app or phone acting up.

If they face the same issue, it might be a server problem on TikTok’s side that will soon be fixed.

Reinstall the TikTok App

If you have tried all the above methods on the list of why is my TikTok not working and still haven’t succeeded, reinstall the TikTok application. This can be simply done by selecting the app and choosing Uninstall. It can work to fix almost every TikTok-related issue.

Contact TikTok Support

If you have met all the dead ends while fixing your TikTok problems one step at a time, then contact TikTok support.

TikTok understands that while its app is efficient in working most of the time, it is one of the more significant aspects of technology that you still can face malfunctions. Hence, the service has hired a solid and dedicated support team that can cater to your issues and give you the best possible solution to resume binge-watching TikTok videos.

To contact email support, just email the TikTok team or use the feedback form to get the answer to your query why is my TikTok not working.

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TikTok, with its one billion monthly active users, is without any doubt one of the most used applications in the world. However, it is still an aspect of technology at the end of the day, and there are TikTok glitches and TikTok issues that users can face, ending up wondering why is my TikTok not working.

However, this article features sufficient information to help you find a way to fix your issue. If you are still unable to get your TikTok fixed, we suggest you stream the TikTok videos offline through FlixPal while waiting for it to get fixed.