Tunepat Spotify Converter not converting? A comprehensive explanation of solutions and alternatives in case it doesn't work.

Since Tunepat Spotify Converter may suddenly become unusable, this article provides a list of solutions and alternatives when Tunepat is unable to convert.

Tunepat Spotify Converter is a PC software that allows you to easily convert music from the Spotify app to MP3, making it convenient to use Tunepat to store streaming music played on Spotify on your PC for free conversion to other devices.

However, there are times when Tunepat Spotify Converter suddenly stops working, so this article provides solutions and alternatives when Tunepat fails to convert.

What to do when Tunepat Spotify Converter becomes unusable due to an error

Tunepat Spotify Converter is not updated to the latest version

Tunepat Spotify Converter will be upgraded from time to time according to the updated specification of the app Spotify, so if you convert Spotify music with an older version, it may fail.

So, please check the version of Tunepat Spotify Converter first, then close the Spotify app and restart Tunepat to try to convert.

Saving fails because there is not enough free disk space.

Before converting Spotify music with Tunepat Spotify Converter, you should check the free space in the output folder.

Often the converted music/video cannot be saved due to lack of free space in the output folder, so you should try converting Spotify music again after reducing the storage space in the destination folder.

Failed music conversion due to the recording driver, MJRecorderDevice.driver

When converting Spotify songs to MP3 on Mac, the recording driver MJRecorderDevice.driver may cause Tunepat Spotify Converter to fail.

If you do the conversion on a Mac, first delete the MJRecorder device and restart your Mac, then restart Tunepat Spotify Converter and try to convert.

Privacy Treated as an unauthorized app

If you use Tunepat Spotify Converter on your Mac for the first time, it will be treated as potentially dangerous software, not a reliable tool and will not be able to convert your music files properly.

Therefore, first enable Spotify and music conversion with Tunepat Spotify Converter by navigating to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation in the Settings menu.

Output directory is protected and cannot be accessed by users

Tunepat Spotify Converter can do the actual conversion, but may fail to save the file if it cannot write to the specified output folder.

After using Tunepat Spotify Converter, all you have to do is right-click on the destination folder, go to "Properties" -> "Security", click on "Edit", allow "Read", "Write", etc. and save the converted music. You can now save the converted music.

Causes and solutions for Tunepat Spotify Converter not converting

If your internet connection is unstable

There may be a problem with your wireless or mobile connection.

If your Internet connection is sometimes interrupted, try disconnecting and reconnecting to your mobile network or Wi-Fi, or try a different room or location.

I have trouble playing Spotify music

If the Spotify song you want to convert does not play properly, Tunepat Spotify Converter may not be able to convert this song.

Therefore, before using Tunepat to convert music, please check if the streaming music is playing properly or if your Spotify membership has expired.

Problems with Tunepat Spotify Converter

Tunepat Spotify Converter's operator may not be able to convert streaming music without a quick response due to Spotify's updated specifications.

At that time, you will have to wait for an update of the Tunepat Spotify Converter version or switch to other software.

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Alternative to Tunepat Spotify Converter for downloading streaming videos

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Why we recommend FlixPal downloader?

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How to use FlixPal Downloader

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3. next, access the video site and find the video you want to save.

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After about 5 seconds, the video will start downloading. You can check the progress of the video download by selecting "Downloading" on the left side of the screen.


If you can't use Tunepat Spotify Converter, don't worry. We hope this article has been helpful in explaining the causes of Tunepat Spotify Converter not being able to change and what to do about it.

In case Tunepat Spotify Converter is unable to convert by any means, you can use FlixPal Downloader, a software that allows you to download streaming videos, instead.