Looking for Alternatives to Anime Planet? Check out These Popular Anime Streaming Platforms

Do you want to watch similar content to Anime Planet? Check out our favorite alternative platforms to Anime Planet that offer a similar experience!

There has been a constant surge in demand for anime watchers in the past decade. Even though other forms of multimedia are getting watch time, anime has still not lost its charm and remains in the hearts and minds of its fans.

With such love and craze for anime, one of the most famous platforms to watch such content is Anime Planet.

What Is Anime Planet?

Be it any age group, small children, teenagers, or young adults, everyone loves anime. Some people even eat, drink, and sleep anime. They even dress like their favorite characters all the time to showcase their love and affection for the content. But where do they actually watch this content? Anime Planet.

Anime Planet is a website that lets anime fans stream a huge variety of content. It is an all-in-one inclusive platform that lets everyone enjoy the world of anime. Anime Planet has content of over 45,000 anime videos which are all licensed. On AnimePlanet, you can watch all the different genres of anime content, including classic, latest, etc.

The website was initially launched in 2001. It has been almost 22 years, and the website has amassed millions of users worldwide. There is also an Anime Planet app, which you can download on your PCs and mobile phones. Anime-Planet is a wonderful community-like platform where every fan interacts with each other and shares their insights about anime.

Is Anime Planet Safe?

With so many perks and features, one might wonder that is Anime Planet safe or not. The website is a legitimate one. It is backed by the webtoon industry and is completely legal as well. This makes Anime Planet safe for all kinds of age groups to visit and watch their favorite cartoons and anime.

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The Best Anime Planet Alternatives That You Need to Try

There might be many reasons why you are not able to watch your beloved content on Anime Planet. It could be because of unavailability in your region or, in some cases, the servers of Anime Planet being down for repair and maintenance. In any case, however, we have you covered.

Here are the top 5 my Anime Planet alternatives that you can use.


Whenever you talk about Anime Planet manga alternatives, there is a very low chance that you could forget KissAnime. It is an amazing and free online platform to stream your favorite anime content. It makes sure to give you the best user experience with high-definition (HD) quality. The website has no registration fees or any other charges. You can begin enjoying yourself without even the need to sign up.

Although the platform is free, some ads constantly disturb your watching experience. If you find ads annoying, you can get the premium version for as low as $6 per month. This app has many advantages, including a wide range of 40,000 anime series, no ads in the premium version, and quick and easy access to the large content library.


The second alternative of AnimePlanet on our list is masterani.me. It is one of the leading online platforms to stream your choice of anime online in English dubbing. This luxury of having content in any language to be translated into your preferred language is one that few enjoy. The website owns a standard range of 2,500 latest and complete anime series in HD quality. The interface is pretty simple, making it easy to navigate and use.

There is a drop-down results section through which, based on your mood, you can choose the content of your liking. There are various genres like action, adventure, and sci-fi, which you can cherry-pick whatever you desire to watch based on indicators like average ratings and comments of previous streamers.


When it comes to being a master of all trades, nothing really beats Animenova. This platform is the number 1 place to reach out if you are looking for anime dramas, movies, and series. It is regular in its posting and gives its users the latest anime to choose from. The website is also available in the dubbed format. This is convenient for those who don't grasp the language of the website.

The website hosts around 3,000 titles of anime content, all of which are of high quality and stream at a fast speed with minimal lag. Just search for your desired content and hit the go button to watch whatever you wish.


9anime is another great Anime-Planet alternative platform to stream your content while sitting in the comfort of your home. It is a leading website. It hosts all kinds of anime movies and TV series where you can gain access to high-quality HD content that is available in English dubbing as well as subtitles too.

This platform is unique on its own. It contains millions of anime titles ranging from classic to modern anime. The platform has a staggering range of 45 genres to choose from. This includes fantasy, kids, comedy, and sports.


Are you looking for an anime show that you can’t find anywhere? Well, WatchAnimeMovie has got it. This platform is a modern, top-rated anime streaming platform that lets users search for anime from A-Z. All the content is available on this platform, including vintage anime to the latest and greatest episodes of the newly released series.

The website is completely free with no additional cost. It provides a seamless overall experience, enhancing the user experience by a great margin. Thanks to its constantly updated website, there is hardly any server or speed issue.

The Best Downloader to Download Your Favorite Anime

We all are busy in our lives. Sometimes we miss out on many special things. But when it comes to missing out on your favorite anime shows, you don't have to worry anymore. FlixPal is your perfect partner for downloading and streaming anime.

Now you can have all your beloved content available whenever you want, whether you are traveling, in the office, or busy with your schedules. Just download your anime shows and watch them offline whenever, wherever you like!

There are many advantages that come with FlixPal. You have the ability to download in batches. Yes, not just episodes, but the entire series can be auto-downloaded with FlixPal. With this amazing platform, you no longer need to watch meaningless ads, which are removed right from the stream while downloading. There is more to FlixPal, including high-quality, high compatibility, and high-speed downloads.

Wrap It Up

Planet Anime is a great platform that provides a great place for the anime community to have a seamless experience and interaction. It has a great gallery of content that is a dream for all anime fans.

There are many Anime Planet alternatives that provide a similar experience to streamers that include high-quality content and an amazing experience.

If you want to download anime, FlixPal is a perfect choice. It has all the tools and features that ensure your user experience is enhanced to the max and watching anime becomes more fun than ever before.