The Best Netflix Video Downloaders in 2024 [Your Primary Guide]

Come and download FlixPal Netflix Downloader, the best Netflix downloader in 2024! It stands out with its premium functions and unbeatable plans and pricing.

Streaming Netflix series and movies always hype me up. Squid Game is awesome, never have I thought I would fall for such an interesting Korean show. Wednesday, another splendid adaptation that is much beyond my expectations. Sometimes, I just want to download these Netflix series and movies so that I can savor the aftertaste of them over and over. However, due to Netflix official’s limitations (e.g. your downloads from Netflix will expire immediately if you cancel your subscription to Netflix), some outstanding third-party Netflix downloaders like FlixPal provide services to ensure users a smooth Netflix offline watching.

Squid Game

If you still fret over Netflix’s restrictions on your saved videos, some third-party Netflix video downloaders may be of help. After giving the reasons for choosing Netflix video downloaders, I’m going to introduce the top 5 Netflix downloaders in 2024 with their pros and cons and pricing plans. Pick up your choice and safeguard your Netflix series and movies permanently.

Why Opting for a Third-party Netflix Downloader?

Save Money

save money

Using a third-party Netflix Downloader saves you money. The best way to spend your money on Netflix is to subscribe to a cheaper Netflix plan and a downloader.

Suppose you subscribe to Netflix’s Basic Plan, you can only download movies and series in ONE device. If you’re not happy with it, you need to upgrade to the Standard Plan to make it to two devices or the Premium Plan to raise the quota. The change of Netflix pricing plans simply costs you more.

Suppose you use a third-party Netflix downloader, although you will be billed by it, you can download even more than that of the Netflix Premium Plan.

Enhance Experience

enhance experience

Apart from the abovementioned downloading device limits and the potential expiry, Netflix plans have innate weaknesses that might let you down. For instance, you may encounter a black screen when you try to screen-record a Netflix series. Due to copyright protection, you are not allowed to download some titles. Also, regional unavailability poses a risk to your offline watching. If you travel to a country where Netflix is not available, your downloads will automatically become unwatchable.

As a result, most quality third-party Netflix downloaders more or less overcome those limits and improve user’s watching experiences. Normally speaking, downloading Netflix videos via them turns out to be a better choice than purely relying on Netflix’s official plans. However, some self-proclaimed “must-have choices” are not as user-oriented as others. In the following part, I will present the five best Netflix downloaders and give the rationale. 

No. 1 FlixPal Netflix Downloader

FlixPal Netflix Downloader is the most recommended third-party downloader to download Netflix movies and series. Famous for its distinguished features and reasonable prices, FlixPal Netflix Downloader is no doubt the best Netflix video downloader.

FlixPal Netflix Downloader official website

The Highlights of FlixPal Netflix Downloader

FlixPal Netflix Downloader is an essential tool for enhancing your Netflix experience. With FlixPal, you can download content from any regional Netflix site. You have access to your favorite Netflix movies and series wherever you are.

As user-friendly software, FlixPal Netflix downloader has incredible features tailored to Netflix fans. It supports high-quality downloads up to 1080p, while the original Dolby sound effect is unchanged. You can download videos without ads. Moreover, flexible subtitle options are available for you to customize, such as selecting embed subtitles in the video or save them as separate SRT files. FlixPal also supports downloads in H264, H265, VP9 and AV1 Codec which further improve your watching experience.

If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, FlixPal Netflix Downloader is your best choice. The new release of any series you’re marathoning will be automatically identified and presented to you. It’s all up to you to batch download them or not. Videos can be saved in MP4 or MKV formats, making it compatible with most devices for smooth playback.

Moreover, FlixPal uses GPU acceleration technology for faster downloads, helping you quickly build your offline library. Whether you're looking to watch shows on the go or save on data usage, FlixPal Netflix Downloader is a top choice for reliable and high-quality video downloads.

Plans and Pricing of FlixPal 

Once you've purchased any of the plans of Flixpal Netflix Downloader, you will be licensed to single or batch download videos from almost all the popular streaming sites, including Netflix, with no built-in ads in addition to streaming service support. You can also enjoy our giveaway which is to download YouTube videos.

Monthly Plan $29.90 per month 7-day Money Back Guarantee
Annual Plan

$89.90 per year,
which equals $7.49 per month

7-day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Plan(1 PC) $149.90 per license 14-day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Plan(3 PC)

$199.90 per month,
which equals $66.63 per license

14-day Money Back Guarantee

View all the FlixPal supported sites in alphabetical order.

FlixPal supported sites

How to Use FlixPal Netflix Downloader

  1. Download and install FlixPal Netflix Downloader. Free Trial
  1. Launch it and find Netflix under VIP Services.

Netflix within FlixPal

  1. Search your favorite movies and series.

Wednesday Netflix FlixPal

  1. You can customize your download settings. Then, click Download Now.

Click Download Now

No. 2 KeepStreams for Netflix

KeepStreams for Netflix

KeepStreams for Netflix is another amazing Netflix downloader, ranked the second-best Netflix downloader. KeepStreams for Netflix can also download Netflix movies in high quality as well as schedule download multiple Netflix videos at the same time. Using this Netflix downloader, you can reap the benefits of an advanced Netflix offline experience.

On the other hand, KeepStreams for Netflix does not support Netflix video stripping using an iPhone as it’s only compatible with Windows and macOS systems.    

Plans and Pricing of KeepStreams for Netflix

Monthly Plan $23.99 per month Cancel Anytime
Yearly Plan

$59.99 per year,

which equals $4.99 per month

Cancel Anytime
Lifetime Plan(1 PC) $119.99 per license 14-day Money Back Guarantee

No. 3 StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader

StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader

StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader comes as the third best Netflix downloader. Similar to FlixPal Netflix Downloader, StreamGaGa makes great use of your GPU. Therefore, saving Netflix videos from this Netflix movie downloader is synonymous with streamlining and unlocking the invisible Netflix gate. After a fast download, all the videos will be ready on your device.

In spite of the shining features of StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader, it seems a bit pricey. For example, users who subscribe to the monthly plan are billed $34.90 per month even after 20% off.

Plans and Pricing of StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader

Monthly Plan $34.90 per month 7-day Money Back Guarantee
Yearly Plan

$69.90 per year,

which equals $5.83 per month

7-day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Plan(1 PC) $99.90 per license 7-day Money Back Guarantee

No. 4 StreamFab Netflix Downloader

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the fourth best Netflix downloader. Perhaps some complain that StreamFab charges a bit too high, with a monthly plan at $39.99. Their price is justified by their promise to download Netflix series and movies with HDR/Dolby Vision quality, rather than using bait-and-switch tactics to mislead users.

Plans and Pricing of StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Monthly Plan $39.99 per month 7-day Money Back Guarantee
Yearly Plan

$69.99 per year,

which equals $5.83 per month

14-day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Plan(1 PC) $89.99 per license 7-day Money Back Guarantee

No. 5 MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

As the fifth best Netflix downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader stays tuned to its users. In addition to the FlixPal-wise up-to-1080p quality downloads, their technicians and customer service staff are on standby 24/7 to resolve any issue. However, some users report they experienced a download failure when they tried to streamline Netflix downloads.

Plans and Pricing of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Yearly Plan

$59.95 per year,

which equals $4.99 per month

15-day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Plan(1 PC) $89.95 per license 30-day Money Back Guarantee


Q1: Is FlixPal Netflix Downloader Safe and Legit?

A1: Yes, as the most recommended Netflix movie downloader, FlixPal Netflix Downloader is safe and legit. It does not circumvent copyright protection. Nonetheless, please note that your downloads from FlixPal Netflix Downloader should NOT be used for commercial purposes.

Q2: Is FlixPal Netflix Downloader Free for Use?

A2: You can free download FlixPal Netflix Downloader for a preliminary trial. If you think it matches your Netflix video downloading need, you can purchase it for more quality downloads.

Q3: How to Download Netflix Movies Permanently?

A3: If you decide to consistently subscribe to Netflix plans, you can open Netflix’s official app, go for “My Netflix”, then “Menu”. Tap “App Settings” and set up your “Download Location” under “Downloads”. However, if you seek an alternative or you’re not willing to subscribe to a paid Netflix plan someday, you can download and install third-party Netflix video downloaders such as FlixPal Netflix Downloader.


In this article, the five best Netflix downloaders in 2024 are covered because the Netflix official poses limitations to downloading movies and series. In particular, FlixPal Netflix Downloader stands out with its premium functions and unbeatable plans and pricing. You can also select KeepStreams for Netflix, StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader, StreamFab Netflix Downloader and MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader as well. Choose your Netflix movie downloader and enjoy your favorite series and movies offline!