[2022] Summary of recommended BL manga torrent sites for free download of BL doujin, boys love, and yaoi manga in (RAR and ZIP) format.

So, here are some recommended BL manga torrent sites where you can download BL doujin, boys love, and yaoi manga in 2022 for free in torrent (RAR format and ZIP format)! Please take a look at them for your reference.

These are sites that use the Torrent protocol and offer a variety of files.

Nyaa mirrors and alternative sites have taken advantage of this, and competition among sites has become increasingly fierce, making it difficult to determine which torrent sites are currently popular. Nyaa torrent" was popular in Japan even before it was shut down, and its closure was a hot topic in Japan.

Older websites are often already obsolete or have user interfaces that are difficult to navigate.

So, here are some recommended BL manga torrent sites where you can download BL doujin, boys' love, and yaoi manga in torrent (RAR and ZIP formats) for free in 2022! Please take a look at them for your reference.

10 highly recommended sites to download BL doujin, boys love, yaoi manga, and BL manga.

In this section, we introduce 10 highly recommended sites for downloading BL doujin, boys love, yaoi manga, and BL manga.


A competitor site to Nyaa Torrents, which is the most popular site in the world today.

The amount of Japanese content is among the best in the world, and you must be familiar with almost every sub-genre, including anime, manga, photography, games, computer software, music, and movies.

Because of its fast updates, availability of the latest content, and large number of files, it may be most efficient to check here first, and if you can't find it here, look for it on other sites.


EBOOKEE is a torrent service offering thousands of comic titles. The site specializes in e-books.

While the website's homepage has a lot of clutter, EBOOKEE makes up for its lack of elegance and sophistication with a lightning-fast and highly effective search engine.The frequently updated Top 10 list on EBOOKEE is a hidden treasure among the countless titles this site offers and one of the site's best features. They help you find.

Despite the absence of a Comics category in the main menu, the presence of the Comics tag in the center of the landing page suggests that this site may simply be used for general book-torrent requirements.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest Web site, and thus has a catalog that indicates its longevity.

The Pirate Bay is a well-known website that sees a lot of traffic, but the website URL is updated frequently and may be confusing to users. On the other hand, by visiting proxybay.bz, one can find a list of proxies and access the website.

There is always a risk of problems when accessing ThePirateBay through a proxy. If you search "Other" among all the music and videos available on this website, you will quickly find the site's huge collection of comic torrents.


The "eBooks" area of 01Torrent has a huge library of comic books available for free download.

01Torrent is one of the websites with the easiest navigation system on this list, with easy-to-understand categories and search capabilities.

Even though 01Torrent has a significant number of pop-up windows that are activated by clicking on certain links or buttons, it is definitely worth checking out, not only because of the availability of pop-up blockers, but also because of its extensive repertoire.


1337x is another website that boasts a large collection despite featuring an excessive number of pop-ups and ads.

1337x has more comic book listings than many of the other sites we listed, and the website layout is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Using a pop-up blocker when browsing our website is something we strongly recommend. This is not uncommon on pirate sites that carry adult movies, especially given the adult nature of the ads.

1337x is definitely one of the most reputable and reliable comic torrent sites on our list.


Books-Share is a lightning-fast, ad-free, and user-friendly destination for comic book torrent downloads.

Books-Share, like the other websites on this list, has a lightning-fast search engine, but it also has the special ability of allowing users to change the subject and ISBN. Most other websites do not offer a section dedicated to comics and graphic novels like this one does.

Books-Share is constantly looking for new titles to add to its collection, which is another great trait. As you can see, new titles are being added rather regularly.


TorrentOff is another service that acts like a search engine and claims to provide access to millions of files.

Like other search services, there are no distinct categories labeled "comics," but there are a variety of comic torrents categorized under different headings.

When searching for comic titles on TorrentOff, the "Comics" tag is used in the search results, allowing you to quickly find your favorites from the list. We appreciate this feature.

Kickass Torrents

One of the strangest websites on this list, Kick Ass Torrents is included for a very good reason.

The main page is fairly disorganized, but offers access to more information about torrents than any other website we examined.

There appears to be no pattern or regularity to the items displayed under the category tabs, but there are still more results than on most other websites we searched.

Kick Ass Torrents' search engine organizes returned results into tabbed categories that are easy to navigate, which is the strongest feature of this website despite the disorganized appearance of the rest of the site.


GetComics is the only torrent site on our list that specifically targets comic books. This indicates that it offers one of the most comprehensive torrents of comic books currently available.

The fact that all of GetComics' organizational tabs and categories are specifically tailored to comics is one of this website's strong points. This makes it the easiest way to find exactly what you are looking for.

There is also a section called Indie Week, where you can download a huge number of independently published comics at once. This will help you discover new things you will love to read.


The last website on our list, TorrentRoom, features a simple homepage with an uncomplicated navigation menu.

This website, like the other nonspecific torrent hubs on our list, does not include a category dedicated solely to comics. However, the category listings are organized in such a way that a subset of comics can be placed under the "Other" category with relative ease.

TorrentRooms has a comparable number of titles to the well-known websites we have discussed, thanks to the fact that its Comic Books subgroup currently lists over 91,000 different titles.