Summary of CleverGet's evaluation, usage, and pricing plans

In this issue, we would like to introduce CleverGet downloader, including its reviews, reputation, and true feelings after using it.

CleverGet is one of the most popular video downloaders in recent years. With a wide range of supported video sites, it is easy to download movies, dramas, animations, and more. But how easy is CleverGet to use? Also, before using CleverGet, many people may not be aware of its reputation and fees.

Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce CleverGet downloader from the aspects of how to use it, how to evaluate its reviews, and what people really think about it after using it.

What is CleverGet? How is it rated?

CleverGet is a very useful video downloading software that allows you to download videos from over 1000 websites, including YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Dailymotion, and many other video sharing sites. CleverGet can download videos from many video sharing sites such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, and Dailymotion. Music and images can also be downloaded. In addition, you can connect to DLNA and watch them on a TV or other large screen.

CleverGet is a software that is compatible with all models and can be used on Windows as well as Mac. Downloading the software takes only 3 steps.


For those who have poor communication conditions, downloaded videos that can be played back at any time are very attractive. And the downloaded videos are in high quality 4K or 8K and in MP4 format that can be played on any player.

What do you really think of CleverGet after reviewing and using it?

Here's the good part!

Support for over 1000 video sites

In addition to YouTube and tiktok, which we watch every day, CleverGet supports a wide variety of video sites. We introduced the main video sites currently supported at the beginning of this article, so please check to see if there is a site you are interested in.

If you want to download short videos, you can use CleverGet.

High-quality downloads of up to 4K and 8K

You can directly select 4K or 8K quality when downloading. HD allows you to enjoy the video more.

Downloading is a simple 3-step process

As mentioned above, CleverGet allows you to download in 3 simple steps, regardless of the model.

How to download videos with CleverGet

  • STEP1. copy and paste the video URL into Clever Get
  • STEP2. select the download format
  • SETE3. click the download button on Clever Get

You can start downloading videos in just a few steps. The procedure is simple, but so far there have been no glitches and the software is very reliable.

You still need to work hard here!

In Japan, copyright law prevents proper use of the software.

Under Japanese copyright law, it is now considered a violation of copyright law to contact and download protected video content. Of course, if you live in a country where it is legal to do so, no problem.

Frequent video download failures

If you try to download a video from one of the supported video sites, for example from a subscription video service such as Amazon Prime, you may find that the download fails no matter how many times you try.

At first I thought I had failed because it was several hours like a movie, so I downloaded a 30 minute video and it still failed.

After many attempts I was finally able to download it, and it seems that CleverGet's download function is a bit unstable.

It would be great if it were built into a standard browser add-on.

It might be more convenient if CleverGet was built into the installation stage as a plugin for standard browsers.

When I want to download a video using CleverGet, I can just download it directly from the website browser, which is very convenient even if it is just a thought.

How do I download videos with CleverGet?

CleverGet is a multifunctional video and music downloader designed to allow users to easily download songs and videos for free. This article explains how to download CleverGet.

First, many compatible video sites are displayed on the top page of Clever Get, and you can check if the site you want to download is supported by Clever Get and click on it, or use the collection of supported sites at the bottom of the top page to download videos directly through Clever Get. You can download videos directly through Clever Get.

For video streaming services

  • Sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ require you to log in and access the site before downloading.
  • After logging in, locate the video you wish to download and click Play.
  • Once the video starts playing, you will see a download symbol in the lower right corner of the video.
  • After clicking it, select the appropriate quality, download format, and subtitles, then click Download to begin downloading.

For video sites

  • Click on a video site such as YouTube, Tiktok, Nico Nico, etc., and CleverGet will automatically recognize the title of the video played on the site.
  • Then click Download and select the appropriate format.

We will not introduce the live streaming here, as the same download procedure is used for live streaming.

What are CleverGet's pricing plans and its customer plans?

CleverGet All-in-One10

Annual Subs.

18,900 yen (tax included)

Perpetual License

28,950 yen (tax included)

CleverGet Customer Plan

Annual Subscription

Minimum 8,248 yen (tax included)

Perpetual License

Minimum 13,574 yen (tax included)

CleverGet All-in-One10: Download videos from all supported video services.

CleverGet All-in-One is available in two types : an annual subscription type for 18,900 yen (including tax) and aperpetual license type for 28,950 yen (including tax).

CleverGet Customer Plans: Choose a topping-up plan for each video site.

If you wish to purchase a pricing plan other than CleverGet All-in-One, you may choose a Customer Plan. Customer plans require you to choose at least two products. Please note that prices vary by video site.

It is even cheaper if you buy 2 or more software together, Netflix download + HBO download + U-NEXT download,

Personally, I think buying a perpetual license is a great deal because you can see and download all the sites.

What is the best software to download streaming videos instead of CleverGet?

The best software for downloading streaming videos is the affordable all in one video downloader. This software, called FlixPal downloader, has the same features as CleverGet and supports many streaming sites, including Netflix. It also supports video sharing sites including YouTube, tiktok, and Twitter, as well as adult video sites Fanza and Pornhub. Besides, it is the best alternative to CleverGet because it offers the same features at a more affordable price than CleverGet.

The advantages of FlixPal downloader are

🔘It supports downloading videos in 4k and 8k quality from various streaming services, just like CleverGet's All in One feature.

🔘Video streaming downloads are available in the highest quality 320 kbps mp3 quality.

Like 🔘CleverGet, ads can be automatically removed from videos during download.

🔘Can support many national languages and save subtitles in SRT format.

🔘Many episodes of any show can be downloaded at once.

🔘It can convert videos to MP4 or MKV for many devices and for clear viewing on large TVs.

🔘Fast video download speed thanks to top-of-the-line GPU processing power.

Price comparison between FlixPal Downloader and CleverGet

    FlixPal Downloader

FlixPal Downloader


Monthly Fee Plan

2613 yen


Semi-Half Yearly Plan

5508 yen


Annual Fee Plan

7866 yen

18,900 yen (tax included)

Perpetual License

18,372 yen (for 3 PCs at the same time)

28878 yen (for simultaneous use of 5 PCs)

28,950 yen (tax included)

How to use FlixPal Downloader

<Check FlixPal system requirements

  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit) / macOS 10.10-15
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 40GB free hard disk space or more
  • Internet connection environment

1. Visit FlixPal's official website and download the corresponding version for Windows and Mac.

2. Launch FlixPal and enter the URL of the video site in the search box of the built-in browser, or click on the icon of the video streaming service, or go to the video site. 3. After accessing the video site, type the URL in the search box, or click on the icon of the video service.

After accessing the site, log in to the video site and search for the video you wish to download. [If the service charges a monthly fee, you need to register before downloading.

4. go to the video playback page, select the quality you want, and click "Get Now. [If you want to save the video along with other videos, click "Add to Queue" here] 5.

5. you can check the status of the video download by clicking "Downloading" on the left side of the screen. After downloading, open the destination and watch the video.


We have introduced an all-in-one type of video content download software called "CleverGet. This software is easy to use, supports many devices and sites, and offers the advantage of convenience. However, it should be noted that there is a risk of violating the law.


We also introduced " FlixPal downloader," a recently popular alternative to CleverGet. Its price is a little lower than CleverGet, but it is superior in terms of functionality, and we highly recommend it.

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