Advantages of watching DAZN on docomo! DAZN for docomo" Monthly Fee Explained

Have you heard of DAZN for docomo? If you usually use DAZN to watch sports games, don't miss out! We'll show you the benefits of "DAZN for docomo" and how to get the best deal! You can even switch to DAZN for docomo, so make sure you read all the way to the end!

Have you heard of "DAZN for docomo"? DAZN is a video site that is very famous among sports fans and provides streaming service to watch sports related contents anytime and anywhere. Users who usually use DAZN to watch sports matches, don't miss out! We'll show you the advantages of DAZN for docomo and how to get the most out of it! You can even switch, so make sure you watch to the end!

Currently, there are over 130 contents and more than 10,000 sports games per year, all available for a monthly subscription fee of 3,000 yen. In addition to missed games, you can also watch all the highlights, special programs, and a wealth of other content as much as you want.

You can watch the games on TV, smartphones, computers, tablets, game consoles, any way you want, anytime, anywhere!

The main content available now includes soccer, baseball, and F1. Soccer, for example, is mainly available for J1-J3, ACL, AFC Asian Qualifiers, Men's and Women's Asian Cup, U23/U20/U17 Asian Cup, WE League, Women's Olympic Qualifiers, UEFA Women's CL, U20/U17 Women's Asian Cup, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Coppa Italia, Ligue An, Trofeo de Champion, and Portugal. Trofe de Champion, Portuguese League, DFB Pokal, other Nations League, Belgian League, etc., AFC Futsal Championship, Futsal Club Championship and other contents are available.

What is the monthly fee for DAZN for docomo?

The price will change once on February 22, 2022, and after that date, the monthly fee will be 3,000 yen (tax included). At the same time that the annual fee (paid monthly) system was added, the one-month free trial was discontinued.

Monthly Plan

Monthly membership fee is 3,000 yen (tax included). Memberships purchased in one-month increments are very convenient plans that can be withdrawn at any time and at any occasion.

Annual Plan

You can choose to pay the annual membership fee either in a lump sum or monthly. Lump-sum payment is 27,000 yen (tax included) (27,800 yen for Apple In-App Purchase) and can be paid by credit card, debit card, paypal, mobile, or in-app purchase.

Monthly payment is 2,600 yen (including tax) per month for a total of 31,200 yen (including tax) per year and can be paid by credit card, debit card, or paypal only.

DAZN for docomo

On February 21, 2022, DAZN for docomo announced a new payment fee system. Starting April 18, 2022, the monthly fee will be 3,000 yen (tax included), the same as dazn. In addition, the 31-day free trial for first-time subscribers has been discontinued. However, a set discount of 220 yen per month for dtv and "Hikari TV for docomo" subscribers will continue to be offered.

Gift Cards

You can choose the viewing period of one month, three months, six months or twelve months on the DAZN shopping site. After selecting your preferred card design and viewing time, select the desired date for the gift card, and you will receive the gift card via e-mail on that date. There are usually four different messages to choose from, including "Happy Birthday," "Thank you for everything," etc.

Advantages of "DAZN for docomo" if you want to watch DAZN

Since DAZN for docomo announced that it will change its price on February 21, 2022, the price is basically the same as regular users. So why should you choose DAZN for docomo? There are three advantages.

  • There are frequent campaigns for docomo users
  • You can get d-points if you are a d-member
  • There is no additional charge if you rejoin in the month you cancel your membership.

Frequent campaigns for docomo users

As mentioned above, DAZN for docomo's campaigns include a special set discount plan for docomo users, including dtv. Offers for docomo users are also available on an irregular basis.

Within a certain period of time or just by entering, the monthly fee can be partially reduced. Deals

will be full of them! Campaigns like this are held on a regular basis, so if you are interested, check the website regularly!

If you are a d-member, you can get d-points!

There is no additional charge if you rejoin in the month you cancel your membership.

DAZN for docomo allows you to earn d-points and use them for payment if you are a d-point club member and a docomo Business Members member. 1 d-point = 1 yen. However, it is important to note that they cannot be used as DAZN for docomo charges.

The points accumulated can be used for purchases at d-point participating stores nationwide and at d-market, which was very well received.

There is no additional charge if you re-join in the month you cancel your membership.

Even if you cancel or re-join in the same month with the same d-account, you will not be charged again, and you can continue to use the service for one month's worth of charges.

However, please note that even if you withdraw from membership on any day within the same month, you will not be refunded for the remaining days.

Causes why docomo Hikari is suitable for DAZN

With docomo Hikari TVFor docomo, the set is DAZN for docomo plus Hikari TV for docomo. Normally, the monthly fee is 5,555 yen, but the combined price is 220 yen cheaper. Furthermore, the 2-year discount is 4,455 yen per month (including tax), a savings of 1,100 yen from the regular price.

You can watch on your TV, cell phone, or tablet device at home using docomo Hikari's fiber-optic line. There are more than 70 dedicated channels, delivering more than 130,000 video contents. You can also watch dtv without adding money.

How to switch from DAZN to "DAZN for docomo

So, do you want to switch to "DAZN for docomo" even if you are already a DAZN member?

Of course you can!

Here are the steps.

STEP1 Start by canceling your DAZN subscription

Even if you cancel your DAZN subscription, you can still watch until its contract renewal date, so we recommend that you check the cancellation page in advance.

STEP2You need a d-account

To switch to "DAZN for docomo," you first need a d-account. You can create a d-account here. Anyone with an email address can create one, so feel free to register.

STEP3Contract "DAZN for docomo

It is more economical to sign up from the beginning of the month in order to use the service for a full month!

Open the DAZN for docomo|Contract page and click "Click here to sign up".

Log in with your d-account.

Next, enter your credit card cart information. Please note that the credit card registered here is for paying the membership fee.

(If you are a docomo/ahamo user, you will be charged for the combined phone bill.)

Then, enter your 4-digit network PIN to complete the application.

STEP4Log in to [DAZN for docomo] again.

After completing the application, you will need to log out and log in again.

If you are using a smartphone, open the DAZN application and touch "Others" in the lower right corner to see the logout. Then log in again and you are good to go.

For passcons, open DAZN, click on "Menu" in the upper right corner, and press "Logout".

Then when you log in, click on "Log in with dPoints" and log in and you are done!

The End

In this article, we introduced the usage fees and benefits of DAZN for docomo, and also explained how to switch from DAZN to DAZN. It's a very reasonable discount, especially if you're a docomo Hikari subscriber! If you're interested, you should definitely take advantage of it!