How to Download Videos from myCANAL? [2022]

In this article, we will provide a brief introduction to myCANAL and lead you through the steps necessary to access and download the most interesting films currently available on myCANAL.

MyCANAL allows you to access all the content provided by CANAL+ through any connected screen, such as your computer, smartphone, tablet, Android phone, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, and Apple TV, Android TV, or Xbox.

We will give you an overview of myCANAL and walk you through how to download or stream the most enjoyable videos on myCANAL.

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What Can I Watch on myCANAL?

myCANAL can be used to access over 150 channels. TNT, F2, TF1, M6, C8, EUROSPORT, and other channels can be accessed through myCANAL. There are many films, TV series, documentaries, and animations available. You also have many languages to choose from for subtitles and audio.

MyCANAL's sports coverage is often considered one of its most important advantages. You can watch many different athletic events, including boxing and tennis. In addition, you can see statistics in real-time. You could be watching a soccer match live and keeping an eye on the statistics from another tab.

What Is the Cost of myCANAL?

myCANAL provides a monthly plan for €20.99. And this is just for the first year since the monthly membership fee jumps to €30.99 after 12 months.

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What Is the Best Way to Watch myCANAL Videos Outside France?

myCANAL can only be accessed in France due to restrictions on distribution. Access to myCANAL videos will not be possible if you're located in France or Luxembourg.

This part will show you how to access myCANAL using Virtual Private Networking (VPN). It is our best recommendation to gain access to prohibited material in certain locations.

  • Select a VPN provider that fulfills all your needs.
  • After installing the VPN, follow the set-up steps to connect to France.
  • You can have fun while on myCANAL.

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What Is the Best Way to Download myCANAL Videos for Offline Viewing?

There are many ways to download movies from myCANAL. Follow these steps to download movies from myCANAL.

Once you've downloaded the movie, it's yours to view whenever you like. These films can also be shared with anyone you wish.

Use the official myCANAL app to download myCANAL videos

You can view myCANAL videos even if you do not have internet access. Another option is downloading the video from myCANAL with the official myCANAL application. Before you move on, however, be aware of the following restrictions.

  • The official myCANAL app won't allow you to download files for more than one month. You will have to download the same material again after that.
  • After the playback starts, you'll have 38 hours to view the downloaded videos before it ends.

You can also download myCANAL movies using third-party software. Follow the steps in this article to download movies from myCANAL.

Use FlixPal to download myCANAL videos

FlixPal myCANAL Downloader is compatible with many streaming sites, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. You can now download all your myCANAL favorites and watch them offline by saving and storing them on your device.

How to download myCANAL movies with FlixPal?

  • FlixPal's official site is available here.
  • Install FlixPal to myCANAL video downloader.
  • After you've reached FlixPal's main interface, click on VIP Services > CATAL+.
  • To access myCANAL, you will need to enter a valid email address and a password.
  • Choose the video you wish to download and click on it.
  • To download, click on the Download button.

The Bottom

You will find all the information you need about myCANAL here. This includes what myCANAL is and what you can view on it. Also, it will explain how you can easily access myCANAL movies.

We also recommend FlixPal Video downloader, which is a great video downloading tool for myCANAL. This program will allow you to access streaming videos from many different websites around the world.