erocool closed? Introduction of alternative free erotic manga sites

Do you miss erocool? We've detailed a free erotica site to replace erocool! And hopefully, we've also included some video download software that anyone can use!

Do you miss erocool? We've detailed a free erotica site to replace erocool! And hopefully, we've also included some video download software that anyone can use!

What is erocool?

Current status of erocool

erocool is a free pirate site. Unlike traite sites with a variety of resources, erocool is an erotic manga site for adults. Unfortunately, however, erocool was shut down for illegal uploading, downloading, and reprinting in 2021 due to the revision of the Copyright Law.

Causes of erocool's closure

In February 2021, a cartoonist named Maki Murayama sued erocool for copyright infringement, resulting in erocool's closure. As authors' rights are defended, it seems inevitable that pirate sites will be shut down in the future.

In fact, illegal piracy sites such as erocool are popular both in Japan and abroad because of the high quality of the manga and the free manga. However, there is a risk of leakage of personal information and involvement in crimes, as well as the risk of infection by computer viruses.

Free erotic manga sites in place of erocool

Manga Yomikai!

Manga Yomikai! offers over 15,000 free manga titles and a variety of erotic manga genres. There are approximately 3,800 adult titles available. This site is also very secure with an intentional copyright agreement.

If you have a favorite genre or work, you can categorize and tag it individually. This site is also suitable for viewing on smart phones and tablets. erocool is also a competitive site.

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour is a major manga site with about 9,000 erotic manga, more than 400 of which are free. Comic Seymour publishes mostly pay-per-view titles, so if you're going to pay, which is often the case, be warned in advance!

However, the charm is that new titles are added daily at 3-5 titles, making it easy to find titles you like. Many titles are free for a limited time, and there is also unlimited daily reading, so you get a discount on your reading. We also encourage you to sign up as a Comic Seymour member. This often entitles you to receive coupons that you can use for purchases, and there are often promotions as well. features a variety of adult websites, making it quick and easy to find the website of your choice. And if there is a Web site you would like to access, simply click on the name of that Web site. Initially, the site is English-only, but Japanese translations have recently been added, making it easy for Japanese users to use the site.

If you want to download erotic video works such as erocool, install FlixPal.

Downloading videos from sites like erocool is basically a lot of steps and increases the chances of getting a virus. We recommend FlixPal, which downloads videos in up to 4k quality and can be watched offline on top of that.

FlixPal has the following features

High quality videos can be downloaded.

FlixPal supports 1080p quality, so you can enjoy high quality videos.

Batch downloading at high speed

If you want to download several videos at the same time, FlixPal can help you enjoy them quickly.

No ads while downloading

You can download subtitles as SRT files or remux them into videos.

Search videos with a convenient browser.

Download videos in MP4 and MKV formats.

Let's download FlixPal

1. Download the supported version from the official FlixPal website.

FlixPal supports both mac and windows downloads. Please check your system before use, if you download the wrong one, you will not be able to install it.

2. Start FlixPal, enter the URL in the search bar, and check the anime you want to download.

Here we use AniMember (Anime Member) as an example, and enter the URL of AniMember (Anime Member). The same way is used with Ton erocool!

3. After confirming the video content you wish to download, click on it to move to the details page.

4. Click [DRM M3U8] in the upper right corner of your browser, and a new window will appear.

5. On the page that appears, select the desired video source, quality, subtitles, and audio, then click "Download Now" to start downloading. If you want to download several videos, you can also click "Add to Queue" to download all videos at once.


In this article, we have introduced erocool and its alternatives, and even if erocool closes down, you can still find free manga on other sites, which is a relief. Also, if you find a movie you want to download on sites like erocool, you can easily use FlixPal, which we introduced, to try it out!

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