Summary of sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46 live content for free.

In this article, we will summarize the sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46's contents (including the live shows held) for free, and then show you how you can save these contents to your computer.

I wonder where I can watch Sakurazaka 46 live for free?" I'm sure many of you are wondering. In this article, I would like to summarize the sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46's contents (including the live held) for free, and then show you how you can save these contents to your computer. Let's start by introducing each of the sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46's live content for free.

4 sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46 contents for free

1) Bilibili - A video site with various Sakurazaka46 live performances posted on it.

Official site Bilibili

Bilibili is a YouTube-like video posting site from China. Bilibili has a lot of live video content of Sakurazaka46 updated by contributors, from past Sakurazaka46 content to the most recent live performances.

Using Bilibili's search function well, you can easily find the Sakurazaka46 content you want to watch. Live, variety, ㎹ and more are available here.

However, since Bilibili is in Chinese, you may be worried that when you search or play the videos, they will all be in Chinese. In fact, if you are looking for Sakurazaka 46 live shows, you can search directly for the Japanese title and easily find the show of your choice!

Sakurazaka46's video S46V - "When you turn there, Sakurazaka? for free!

Official site Sakurazaka46's Movie S46V

Sakurazaka46's Movie S46V mainly features content from Sakurazaka46's programs such as "Soko kurumigeta, Sakurazaka? and "Sokosaku FR".

All of the Sakurazaka 46 videos on S46V are content that has been republished from Bilibili. The content for 2020-2022 is all on S46V. All content from 2020-2022 is posted on Sakurazaka46's video and S46V, and we are continuing to update it now.

And in addition to Sakurazaka46's videos and S46V, there are also various videos of other hill series such as Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Hyuhizaka46, etc. on Sakurazaka46's videos and S46V.

(3) 46movies - Approximately 4000 Sakurazaka46 videos will be posted.

Official site 46movies

46movies is a video site that offers free video clips of Nogizaka46/Keyakizaka46/Hinatazaka46. Among them, about 4000 Sakurazaka46 videos are available. Like Sakurazaka46 videos/S46V, all the videos on this site are republished from Bilibili.

The Sakurazaka46 content on 46movies includes TV shows such as "When you turn there, Sakurazaka? and other TV shows, online streaming, radio, commercials, and music videos.

However, live performances and other content are not available on 46movies. So, once you have watched Sakurazaka 46 live performances and other free content, you can search for your favorite live performances on Bilibili.

④48 & 46 Video - full of contents related to 48 & 46 series

Official site 48 & 46 Video

48 & 46 Video is a video site that updates a large number of free HD videos every day on AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, JKT48, SNH48, Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Sakurazaka46, etc. 48 & 46 Video contains not only regular videos related to 48 & 46 groups. 48 & 46 Video is not only about the 48 & 46 group, but also about their concerts, events, and theater performances.

The videos on 48 & 46 Video are updated directly from and other paid video distribution services, and the biggest advantage of this site is that you can watch the full performance videos for free.

48 & 46 Video has a search function, but it does not categorize videos by group, making it difficult to find the Sakurazaka 46 video of your choice.

How to download Sakurazaka 46 content--FlixPal Downloader

To download Sakurazaka 46 content, you will need a downloader that is compatible with many sites. Here, it supports subscription video sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc., posted video sites such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Bilibili, etc., online streaming live sites such as Z-an, e-plus, etc., and of course, the four video We recommend FlixPal Downloader, a downloader that also supports the sites and allows you to download various streaming videos.

Below are the advantages of FlixPal Downloader.

  • High quality up to FloHD--When downloading Sakurazaka 46 videos, you can choose to download from 320P to 1080P, with priority given to the highest quality without degradation of image quality.
  • Various audio tracks--When downloading videos, FlixPal can preserve various audio tracks such as ACC 2.0 and EAC3 5.1.
  • Download multiple videos--You can download multiple Sakurazaka 46 videos at once.
  • Mac support--FlixPal download software is also compatible with both Window and Mac operating environments.


In this article, we have compiled a list of 4 video sites where you can watch Sakurazaka46 content for free. If you want to watch Sakurazaka46 live, stage, and theater performances for free, we recommend Bilibili or 48 & 46 Video.

If you want to download Sakurazaka 46 videos, we recommend FlixPal Downloader, which supports a variety of streaming video delivery sites.

With FlixPal Downloader, you can download 3 full videos for free. Install it on your computer and try it.