How to Set, Change and Turn Off Parental Controls on HBO Max?

Here’s how you can set, change, and turn off parental controls on HBO Max the right way.

Are you a concerned parent looking for ways to control what your child can or cannot watch on a streaming service? Then you’re on the right page.

HBO Max - a premium over-the-top streaming service, has a whole set of parental control features for all those worried parents or guardians who wish to keep their little ones from watching inappropriate content.

Here’s how you can set, change, and turn off parental controls on HBO Max the right way.

Are There Parental Controls on HBO Max?

Yes! HBO Max is a streaming service for all ages, So HBO made sure parents and guardians can control what content is appropriate for their children. As parents, you can set content rating levels for movies and TV shows and restrict access to certain types of content altogether.

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As a parent, there are many benefits of using parental controls, including:

  • Allowing you to control what content your children can access on HBO Max
  • Helping you manage screen time for your children by setting limits on how long they can watch certain types of content
  • It allows you to set up different profiles for each family member so that each of you can have their content preferences
  • Allowing you to block certain types of content, such as violence, nudity, or profanity

How to Set Parental Controls on HBO Max?

Setting a Special Kids Profile

With HBO Max, you can create a unique profile just for your kids that come with its own set of parental controls. To do this:

  • First, sign in to your HBO Max account
  • Next, click on the "Profile" icon in the screen's upper-right corner
  • Then, click on the "Switch Profile" option
  • Now select "+Add Kids"
  • Click on the "Create Pin" button
  • Now, enter your Child's Date of birth and click on the "Continue" button
  • On the next screen, you will see the types of content that are allowed in a Kids Profile. You can select what content you want your kids to be able to watch by rating (G, PG, PG-13, or R)
  • You can also choose to allow or not allow specific types of content, such as violence, language, or sexually suggestive scenes
  • Once you've selected it, click on the "Continue" button

The great thing about HBO Max is that you can control each profile's ratings.

The default Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and TV Parental Guidelines settings for your child's profile will depend on their birth month or year. These include (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) and TV shows (TV-Y, TV-G, TV-Y7, TV-PG, TV-14, TV-MA. You can choose to have your kids watch only PG movies if you feel they are too young; however, you can also opt for a more lenient G rating.

How to Change Parental Controls on HBO Max?

If you need to make changes to your kid's profile, such as the content they can watch or the amount of time they can spend on the app, simply click on the "Edit Profile" button.

From there, you'll be able to change the name of the profile and adjust the content rating and time limit settings.

There are a number of reasons you might want to change the parental controls on HBO Max. Maybe your kid is getting older, and you want to give them access to more mature content.

Or, perhaps you're noticing that they're spending too much time on the app, and you want to limit their usage. Whatever the reason, it's easy to change the parental controls on HBO Max.

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How to Turn Off Parental Controls on HBO Max?

If you want to completely turn off parental controls on HBO Max, simply click on the Profile you want to use and then select "Manage Profiles."

From there, you can edit each profile's age range and content restrictions. To turn off parental controls entirely, simply press the "x button," which will reset all the settings to their defaults.

It's important to note that turning off parental controls will allow access to all content on HBO Max, including mature and adult content.

Can You Turn Off Parental Controls Without a Password?

If you want to turn off parental controls without a password, simply click on the "Forgot Password" link on the sign-in page.

Enter your email address, and you will be sent a reset link.

Click on the reset link and follow the instructions to create a new password.

Once you have created a new password, you will be able to log in and turn off parental controls without needing a password.

What Happens When You Remove Parental Controls?

When you remove parental controls, your child will no longer be able to access content restricted by age. They will be able to access mature and adult content on HBO Max.

If you want to keep your child from accessing mature and adult content, you will need to set up parental controls again.

Is There a Way of Knowing What My Child Is Watching on HBO Max?

Yes. If you have set up parental controls, you will see a list of all the content your child has watched on HBO Max.

To do this, log in to your account and go to the "Continue Watching" section. From there, you will be able to see a list of all the content that has been viewed on your account.

You can also set up notification alerts if you want to know more about what your child is watching. Activity alerts let you know whenever your child watches something on HBO Max so you can check it out yourself.

To set up activity alerts, simply go to the "Settings" section and then click on "Notifications." From there, you can enable notifications and choose how you would like to receive them (email or push notification).

What Else Can You Do to Restrict What Your Child Can Watch on HBO Max?

Parental controls on HBO Max are a great feature.

Speaking of the alternatives…

You can also download selective content from HBO Max so that your kids can only stream files that you have in store for them. This is more viable as it enables your children to stream content offline, which wouldn’t be possible if you let them access videos and shows online.

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Recap and Conclusion

Today’s article was all about setting, changing, and turning off parental controls on HBO Max. We hope you found this guide and our suggested alternative solution (FlixPal HBO Downloader) useful. Happy Streaming…