When Will Season 14 of Heartland Be on Netflix?

Here's a fast breakdown of everything you need to know about the official release date, storyline, and cast to get you psyched for the upcoming season.

Lauren Brooke's novel series is the inspiration for the Heartland series where they experience the highs and lows of ranch life, the family bonds, and build tighter relationships. Here's a fast breakdown of everything you need to know about the official release date, storyline, and cast to get you psyched for the upcoming season.

How Many Seasons Are Available for Heartland on Netflix?

The series includes a total of 13 seasons, all of which are accessible to view on Netflix. While Netflix has full 13 seasons available, the Canadian drama Heartland appears to be missing a season: Season 14.

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The Cast and Plot for Heartland Season 14

With an IMDb rating of 8.4, this series has garnered a fantastic reaction from the audience and reviewers over the years. Heartland's Season 13 began a year ago, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. For the fourteenth season, the majority of the Heartland cast returns. However, fans are swiftly informed that a fan-favorite character dies this season.

Ava Tran has joined the cast of Heartland for the 14th season. Her character, Parker, is Jade's new step-sister. Parker describes herself as an "eco-conscious urban gal." Season 14 also features Georgie's lover Quinn, Ty's mother Lily, and Lou's old adversary Jessica.

We also meet Quinn's father, Clyde, and Lou's right-hand man, Rick, as mayor. It's hard to digest that Heartland has been on the air for 14 seasons. For 13 seasons, the core plot and cast members stayed mostly constant. Heartland's makers have not revealed the main premise of Season 14. But, as with past seasons of this Family Drama series, Season 14 is expected to showcase Amy's ability to communicate with and understand horses.

She will also be a part of the family's difficulties and ups and downs. Regardless, Season 14 of Heartland will be entertaining to watch. However, the highly anticipated Season 14 radically altered the show's course, surprising viewers all around the world. Without giving spoilers for this season.

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The Death of Ty in Season 14 of Heartland

Well to figure out the death of Ty, one can figure that out by watching the series itself but one thing we must all agree on is that as hardcore fans of the series and Ty, seeing Ty's death will be devastating and heartbreaking. Fans that have grown up watching this character and this show might not be able to bear this tragic incident, we can only wish that Ty is alive and the writers of the series don’t kill him.

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Do Quinn and Georgie Remain Together?

Georgie and Quinn made their relationship official in Season 13 of Heartland. They originally met during Georgie's Europe trip and have been getting to know each other throughout Season 13. We completely ship Quinn and Georgie together; fans are awestruck by the couple's chemistry and hope that it just develops better in the future seasons.

Heartland Season 14 Premiere Date on Netflix

On April 1, 2022, Netflix will release the fourteenth season! Netflix in addition to that has added the family drama series to its "Coming Soon" section and announced the official release date. Given that the fourteenth season just ended airing exclusively on UPTV, we're not surprised that Heartland season 14 will launch in April.

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Which Countries Are Currently Streaming Heartland Season 14 Online?

Heartland Season 14 is accessible online in the following countries as of June 22, 2021: the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Mexico.

When will Heartland season 14 be available on Netflix in the United States & Canada?

Netflix has been frustratingly delayed in releasing fresh seasons of Heartland in certain regions.

As previously stated, the United States is often one to two seasons behind at any one moment. Season 10 was just added to Netflix in the United States in August 2018, with Season 11 following on August 1st, 2019, with no updates since. Season 12 has already been broadcasted on CBC in Canada and is accessible on Netflix in most locations, excluding the United States.

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Where Is Heartland Season 14 Streaming Online?

Season 14 of Heartland will be released on Netflix in the United States on April 1st, 2022. Heartland now has an exclusive streaming contract with UPTV that spans through March 2022, thus the new season won't be available until at least then.

We sure can’t wait for Netflix to bring out the remaining seasons of Heartland for hardcore fans and subscribers of Netflix.

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The Final Cut

The production of the forthcoming season has already started, and the whole cast has returned to take their places and continue this fantastic trip.

The news was verified on Heartland's official Instagram account, which stated, "Production on Heartland Season 16 begins today!!" Stay tuned for more information as we film our exciting new season.

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