Explains how to record and save DMM videos in Audials one. Are there other efficient ways to save?

Audials one's recording function allows you to permanently record and save videos distributed by DMM. This article will show you how to record DMM videos with Audials. There are also other good ways to download dmm videos, which are also introduced in this article.

Are you familiar with Audials one's recording feature and how to use it? In this article, we will explain in detail how to permanently record and save DMM videos with Audials one's recording feature. Want to know about other, more convenient ways to save DMM videos? We'll show you how to do that too.

About Audials One 2024

Audials One 2024 is the latest PC software developed by Audials to record streaming music and videos. It also allows you to convert recordings and edit videos. Besides, the version of Audials One 2024 Ultra has enhanced features over Audials One 2024, the most significant of which is the ability to improve video quality by utilizing high-performance AI technology.

Audials One 2024 Review

Audials One 2024 features

1) Ability to record videos

  • Record almost any streaming video, and record and save videos in high resolution.
  • Record at higher speeds than normal with the ability to break up videos and merge them back together again.
  • Recorded videos can be viewed completely ad-free.
  • You can choose the subtitle that best suits your situation. Subtitles can be easily searched.
  • The sound quality of the recorded video can be adjusted to remove noise and make it easier to hear the dialogues.

(2) Ability to edit the video

  • You can easily edit the recorded video. You can delete screens, re-edit sections, and create new video files.

(3) Function to record music

  • Music can be searched from the Internet , recorded and saved, and enjoyed in high quality Ultra HD, HiFi, Master, etc.
  • Recordings can be backed up and copied to a CD or MP3 CD for storage.
  • Recordings can be converted to your preferred format for playback.

(4) AI functionality in the Ultra version

  • AI technology is introduced to turn ordinary recorded video into vivid HDR.

How to record and save DMM videos with Audials

Step 1: Go to Audials official website and select Audials One 2024.

Step2. Download and install Audials One 2024.

Run Audials software, select "Video Streaming" and then choose the "DMM Video" button.

Step4. On the next screen, select the browser in which you want to play the video.

Step5. Enter the video streaming or the URL of the DMM Video you wish to record in the upper right corner.

Step6. After you have chosen to record the DMM video, please select settings.

Step7. When the selected DMM video site is loaded and recognized, click the "Record" mark.

Step8. Click "Stop" to end recording of the DMM video.

Step9. When the DMM video is finished, the recording will automatically end and the saved DMM video will be marked as "Recorded" and can be played back at any time.

There is an alternative! More Convenient Download Method

Speaking of more convenient ways to save DMM videos, we highly recommendFlixPal DMM TV Download er, a Windows and MAC compatible software for saving streaming video downloads, including DMM TV. Download videos from over 200 websites with the fastest speed and highest quality. You can easily download your favorite videos and convert music.

1. FlixPal DMM TV Downloader Features

  • Save videos in MP4/MKV format for playback on many players.
  • Transfer to Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and MAC.
  • Save DMM TV video metadata to build your personal media database.
  • Fastest download speed, download videos 20 times faster than normal.
  • Save videos in higher quality than HD 1080 resolution.
  • Enhanced video viewing experience, completely ad-free.
  • Built-in browser allows you to download DMM TV videos directly.
  • No regional restrictions! Support all DMM TV regions.
  • Remove all restrictions on downloading DMM TV videos.
  • With the free version, you will have 3 chances to download high quality DMM TV videos.

How to save DMM videos with FlixPal DMM TV Downloader

Step 1 Download and install FlixPal DMM TV Downloader from the official website.

Step2. Launch FlixPal DMM TV Downloader and enter the URL of the DMM TV video in the address bar on the homepage.

Step3. Login to DMM TV and select the video you want to download.

Step4. Click "Play" on the next screen and FlixPal DMM TV Downloader will recognize the data of the DMM TV video .

Step5. set video resolution, subtitle, etc., and click "Download Now" to start downloading. If you want to add other DMM TV videos and download them all at once, click " Add to queue".

Step5. You can check the progress of your download under "Downloading " on the left side.

What is the difference between FlixPal DMM TV Downloader and Audials One 2024?


FlixPal DMM TV Downloader

Audials One 2024


  • Monthly Plan: $29.9
  • Annual Plan: $89.9
  • Lifetime Plan: $149.9 (free renewal)
  • Normal Edition: $63.09
  • Ultra Version: $105.19

(New version update fee required)

Supported Terminals

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64bit)
  • Intel® i3 or higher

Windows 10, Windows 11 (64bit) or higher only


Streaming video download

  • Video Recording
  • Music Recording
  • AI Improvement

Save Speed

20x faster than normal


Reserved save

√ √ √ √

Embedded Subtitles

√ √ √

√ √ √

Language Selection

√ √ √

√ √

Video Ad Exemption

√ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

√ √ √

ACC/EAC3/Dolby sound quality

√ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

× √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

SDR/HDR/HDR10/Dolby Vison

√ × SDR/HDR/HDR10/Dolby Vison

× SDR/HDR/HDR10/Dolby Vison

Batch Download

√ √


GPU optimization

√ × GPU optimization


AI Improvement

× GPU optimization

√ x


In this article, we have shown you how Audials One works and how to download DMM videos with Audials One. In general, Audials One certainly offers a wealth of services. However, from my own experience, FlixPal DMM TV downloader is faster and guarantees better video and audio quality. As for the price, unlike Audials, which requires a paid renewal, FlixPal DMM TV Downloader offers a lifetime free renewal once you purchase a lifetime plan, which is a particularly good value for money. If you are looking for the efficiency of video downloading and the cost-effectiveness of software, you should definitely try FlixPal DMM TV Downloader.