How to Screenshot Netflix Without Black Screen on Various Devices?

Netflix doesn’t allow screenshots by default. This article will explain how to screenshot Netflix on your device.

Netflix is widely recognized as one of the most popular video streaming platforms worldwide. We are well aware of the diverse range of content available for viewing on Netflix. Whether it's movies, series, documentaries, or reality shows, the options are abundant and cater to various preferences. It's easy to download Netflix content now. However, there are instances when you may desire to capture a memorable dialogue or scene, only to be obstructed by a black screen.

Attempting to get Netflix screenshot via conventional methods may prove disappointing, as the black screen is consistently displayed. Consequently, you may wonder the following questions:

  • Why can't I screenshot Netflix?
  • Why is it black when I screenshot Netflix?
  • Is there a way to screenshot Netflix?

This guide aims to provide you with various approaches to effectively screenshot Netflix.

Why Can't I Screenshot Netflix?

Snapshotting Netflix videos on personal devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or recorders is unattainable due to the implementation of HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). HDCP, developed by Intel Corporation, is a digital copy protection technique employed to prevent the unauthorized duplication of digital music and video materials through network connections. Consequently, your screen will turn black when screenshotting Netflix.


Netflix doesn’t let you take screenshots as it wants to protect copyright content and give the different creators and actors of the shows the value of work they deserve. So, in that matter, Netflix doesn’t encourage anything surpassing the rights, like taking screenshots and screen recording.

On the other hand, it can be problematic for people who want to capture their favorite moments. Also, sometimes they want to capture famous dialogues and scenes. With the black screen, it becomes impossible for them to do so. However, there are some ways that will help you learn how to take screenshots on Netflix.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Windows?

Disable graphic driver

If you watch Netflix on Windows 10 or 11, then this method is for you. The shortcut windows will be the right tool for you to take a screenshot. You may also want to utilize a third-party screen capturing app such as the Snipping Tool, which is normally found on the computer. But you'll find the black screen issue will persist, and it will render your screenshot useless in some cases. So, the foolproof option is to disable your graphic driver.

If you want to know how to capture screenshot on Netflix by disabling graphic driver, follow these steps:

  1. Check the search box in 'Start' and then type in 'Device Manager', opening the application;
  2. Click 'Display Adapters' to expand the options;
  3. Right-click the graphics card to select 'Disable device';
  4. Make sure to confirm the selection on the popup to disable the graphic driver on your computer.

It would disable the graphics driver or the graphics card on your PC. Using this, you are able to select Netflix to open it for taking a screenshot. Choose and play any clip you want from the movie or show you watch. REMEMBER, disabling the graphics driver will also interfere with different processes on Windows. It might get hard for you to play any games on your computer. Also, any photo editing software might not run smoothly on your device, such as Photoshop.

That is why it is recommended you always enable your graphics driver right after taking the screenshot on your device. To enable the device, you need to follow the steps in the same way as mentioned above and then select 'Enable Graphic Driver'.

Turn off hardware acceleration

The Hardware Acceleration feature is enabled by default and is designed to enhance computer performance by enabling faster video loading. However, this feature can occasionally hinder the ability to capture screenshots and protect videos from copyright infringement. If you want to take Netflix screenshot, you can try disabling this feature by following these steps:

(Take Google Chrome for an example)

1. Click 'Settings': Click the icon with three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the browser to open the settings menu in Google Chrome;

2. Click 'System' and turn off hardware acceleration: The 'System' option can be found towards the bottom of the left menu panel. You can easily enable or disable the hardware acceleration feature by clicking on the toggle switch next to the selection "Use hardware acceleration when available." Disabling hardware acceleration allows you to effortlessly capture your Netflix screen without experiencing any problems such as a black screen.


3. Click 'Relaunch': The button can be found situated on the left-hand side. When pressed, it initiates the restart of Google Chrome, which is an essential procedure to disable hardware acceleration.

4. Visit Netflix, begin to snapshot Netflix: Now, you can simply press the PrtSc to take Netflix screenshot. A screenshot of your complete desktop will be copied to your clipboard as a result. It should be noticed that depending on your computer, you may need press 'Fn' key while pressing 'PrtSc'.

5. Launch Microsoft Paint and paste your screenshot: This software is meant to be included with your device. If it's not already installed, you can acquire it from the Microsoft Store. Now press Ctrl+V on your keyboard or click the 'Paste' icon to paste your screenshot.

6. Save Netflix screenshot: To begin, navigate to the upper right corner and select the 'File' option. Next, choose 'Save as' from the drop-down menu. Provide a suitable filename for your document and finalize by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Utilize third-party software:

Many users have found third-party applications to be useful in preventing the black screen when attempting to take a screenshot on Netflix. Among the commonly employed applications to address this issue, Sandbox stands out. By reducing the utilization of system graphics on your device, Sandbox assists in bypassing Netflix's anti-screenshot policy, enabling users to capture desired screenshots. You can follow the steps below to snapshot Netflix with Sandbox:

1. Download and install Sandboxie on your PC.

2. Launch the software, right-click the browser you’re utilizing and choose the option 'Run in sandbox'.

3.Open your browser, which will display a distinctive yellow border. Then, navigate to the Netflix website. To capture the screenshot, simultaneously press the Windows+PrtSc on your keyboard. Now, the snapshot should be saved in your computer in the standard location for screenshots.

Attempting to take a screenshot of Netflix using the regular shortcut without a Sandbox application will result in an unintelligible screen. However, if you run the browser within a Sandbox environment, you’ll be able to successfully screenshot Netflix without affecting the video display.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Mac?

Mac users have an advantage when it comes to Netflix screenshots - no more dealing with black screens! You can effortlessly capture Netflix moments with ease.

Simply utilize the convenient built-in screenshot keyboard shortcut on your Mac. To capture the entire screen on Netflix, press Command+Shift+3. For a more selective approach, press Command+Shift+4, then drag your cursor to encompass the desired portion. No worries or complications, just do seamless Netflix screenshot on your Mac!

How to Screenshot Netflix on Mobile Devices?

For iOS users, there is sad news when it comes to this. If you are an iPhone user and want to know how to screenshot Netflix on your phone, then you might want to get ready for some serious work. It is because, with iOS, the policies are quite strict, and with newer models coming into the market, the policies for copyright are getting even more difficult to crack. You would want to screenshot Netflix using the Power and Home button by pressing them together. But it wouldn't work.

The only possible alternative would be to jailbreak your phone. That requires you to crack the codes and bypass the restrictions by the manufacturers and developers. However, it is quite a nerve-wracking task, and you wouldn't want to take any big risk only to get an answer for how to screenshot Netflix on your iPhone.

You can also endeavor to try your luck by obtaining third-party applications from your Play/App store. However, there is a considerable likelihood that they may prove ineffective.

For Android users, you might want to raise your hopes up if you want to know how to screenshot Netflix. Compared to iOS, Android may be a little more tolerant of issues involving digital rights management (DRM), but it still prevents you from taking screenshots directly on Netflix.

Third-party applications are the sole remedy. You can download XRecorder app on your Android devices and try it out. However, the majority of these apps are difficult to use. Before screenshotting Netflix, you might need to turn off your Wi-Fi or start airplane mode, for instance.

Download Netflix Videos with FlixPal to Get Top-Quality Screenshot

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Impressive features of FlixPal

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How to utilize FlixPal to get Netflix screenshot in original quality?

Before you begin to snapshot Netflix, you need to download and install FlixPal first. This section will show detailed steps about how to download Netflix videos for further screenshot:

  • Step 1: Download and Install KeepStreams for Netflix

Based on your own computer system, you may click the following buttons provided by the official website of FlixPal to get safe access to the software:


  • Step 2: Log into your Netflix account with the build-in browser

When you start FlixPal, you can use its user-friendly built-in web browser to reach your personal Netflix account. This functionality guarantees smooth and uninterrupted access to the content you want. Moreover, you can trust that FlixPal will always prioritize your security and never compromise your personal account details.


  • Step 3: Discover and download your preferred content

Once you have successfully logged into your account on the preferred websites, make sure to confirm that the desired video can be played smoothly using FlixPal's integrated browser.

From this point, you can effortlessly locate the specific video you want by either entering relevant keywords into the search bar, directly navigating to the video's page, or by pasting the URL. FlixPal will promptly provide comprehensive information about the video, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency.

  • Step 4: Personalize your preferred download settings

After providing FlixPal with the details of the specific videos you wish to download, the platform immediately begins processing your selections. The downloader allows you to tailor your download preferences to align with your individual requirements. You can customize settings including resolution, file format, language, subtitles, download mode, video codec, and a range of additional options to suit your needs.

  • Step 5: Enjoy your Netflix videos without any restrictions!

Click 'Download Now' to begin the download process. You can always check the process in the 'Downloading' section on the left side. Now you can feel free to catch Netflix screenshot or screen record Netflix!


Users are clearly cautioned by Netflix not to utilize foreign IP addresses or take screenshots while using the service. Since you can utilize screen capture software and disseminate copyright-protected content, these actions are regarded as criminal. However, if you just use Netflix screenshot for personal entertainment, such as creating viral memes, saving any scene for personal memory or using it in your professional life for education, it can be proved legal.

Copyrights don't allow you to take screenshots; however, if you want to know how to screenshot Netflix, you can check what device you are using to view it. Depending on the device, you can follow the steps mentioned and take a screenshot as desired.

In a word, this article outlined the possibility of taking a screenshot on Netflix using a Windows PC, macOS PC, Android, or iOS mobile device. This article has been written purely for educational and non-commercial purposes.