Is MangaDex Down? Check out These Alternatives for Your Manga Fix

Is MangaDex down? Do you want to watch similar content? Check out our top alternatives for MangaDex preferred by other manga readers.

MangaDex is an online platform that provides manga readers with a wide variety of content in all languages. MangaDex is made by scanlators, who are fans of manga that scan, translate, and edit comics from one language to another. The platform serves as a community for all scanlators to share their manga pieces with one another. MangaDex gives complete control of its manga releases to the groups of scanlators on the platform.

MangaDex was created in 2018, and since then, it has experienced immense growth on the platform. Today, about 14 million unique users enter the space every single month. The platform is extremely famous amongst Japanese comic lovers throughout the world. It provides a wide variety of options to choose from, divided into different categories.

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Top 7 MangaDex Alternatives That You Should Give a Shot

Although MangaDex is an amazing platform for fans to satisfy their wants, it sometimes could be more flawless. There have been questions like ‘is MangaDex down right now.’ Sometimes the servers are down, it isn't available in specific regions, and all sorts of troubles begin to appear. Amidst all this, what should a manga lover do? We bring you alternatives you can choose if Manga Dex isn't available. Without further delay, let's dive right into them!


The first alternative to Manga Dex on our list is MangaNelo. This is an app-based platform for manga enthusiasts that offers a huge gallery of manga to read and share. The app is free of cost and offers a wonderful user experience thanks to its simple website layout. Registering into the app is also not compulsory, which is a plus advantage.

On this platform, manga readers can collaborate as well, and it is built like a community. One more salient feature that makes it a great MangaDex com alternative is that users can sync it with their social media platforms. As a result, manga readers can discuss their opinions and be viewed by a large audience.

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The second Manga Dex alternative on our list is MangaKisa. This is another online platform that offers free manga to manga followers. It has garnered a lot of praise amongst the community for the fact that the website is completely ad-free. The platform has a great user interface, and the web page's performance is phenomenal, showing no slowness or lag.

It makes up to be a great MangaDex alternative due to the fact that there is over 1,000 manga to choose from, giving a variety of options for people of different likings. The search engine is fine-tuned, and whatever material you search for is there in front of your eyes in the blink of an eye. MangaKisa is completely crowd funded by the community of manga, showing how strong the community is.


If MangaDex is down, MangaDen is another solution for manga lovers. It is an old website which means it is one of those that first entered the digital manga scene. The material available on MangaDen is of excellent quality, and it is concise as well.

The loading time of MangaDen is one of the best among all manga platforms, helping those in areas where the internet is slow. Entire manga comics are available in the form of a PDF file which is extremely convenient. All of this makes the user experience top-notch and help manga readers get the best content.


Another alternative to is Renta. It is a unique platform for manga due to the model on which it stands. As you can guess from its name, Renta is rental based manga platform that lets fans rent out their copies of manga titles for 48 hours.

This is an interesting concept through which everyone in the community can enjoy content made by the fans through sharing. The user interface is clean, and the experience is up-to-the-mark. Renta boasts of a large library of manga, including main categories of romance such as shojo and erotica, making up most of the titles that are present on the platform.


Number 5 on our list and a worthy alternative to ManagDex is Comixology. The platform is owned by Amazon. This digital comic arena is not free and must be paid for in order to use. You can buy each comic or even have the option to go for the monthly subscription plan. This allows you to read more than 25,000 comics in a month. How cool is that?

The only downside to this platform is that it is not only manga, meaning you will find the content of other comics here, which is not something manga lovers desire. Being backed by an e-commerce giant, this platform provides a seamless experience overall.


This mangadex org alternative is a manga giant. MangaHere boasts a large collection of more than 10,000 mangas which is still growing. While this platform has a wide range of Japanese manga, it also has a lot of manga from other regions, such as Korea and Hong Kong.

The design philosophy on the webpage layout is very excellent, resulting in easy navigation for users. Everything is well organized into genres and divisions. There is even a section of checked mangas and manga news so that manga enthusiasts are kept up to date with the manga world and community.


This manga site is another amazing alternative to MangaDex. KissManga is a modern-style manga website. Along with all the features that every good manga platform has, including a wide variety of options, categories, and user experience, KissManga offers special sections that you can't read at any moment.

In addition to all this, the platform is integrated with all the favorite social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can even link your email address to this website. Now you can share all your favorite manga with your friends and all your loved ones.

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Wrap It Up

The MangaDex app is a great platform to watch and share your favorite manga content. But due to any issues, if it's unavailable, you have a great variety of alternative options that offer similar features and sometimes even cooler ones.

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