Explains how to watch Netflix 4K content and what to look out for

This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to watch Netflix 4K content and what to look out for before watching Netflix 4K content.

Netflix Premium membership in Netflix, Inc. allows you to watch compatible content at up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. However, you may not be able to watch as much as you like at present, due to TV and transmission speed limitations.

In this article, we will discuss How to watch Netflix 4K content and what to look out for This article provides a summary and explanation of how to watch Netflix 4K content and what to look out for. Watching Netflix 4K Content Before you start watching Netflix 4K content, check out this article.

Requirements for Watching Netflix 4K Content

To watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD resolution, you must not only sign up for a Netflix subscription plan, but your TV must meet several requirements. Below is an explanation of the conditions for viewing Netflix 4K content.

Sign up for a Netflix premium membership plan

Netflix s 4K Ultra HD content, you must first sign up for a Netflix Premium Membership to watch 4K Ultra HD content on Netflix. Netflix Premium Membership Only Netflix s 4K content.

Moreover, you can only watch Netflix Premium members can watch up to four devices at the same time. Even if your TV or display is not capable of playing back 4K content, you can still enjoy the highest Full HD (1080p) quality.Netflix to watch as much as you want. Below is a list of Netflix membership plans.





Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee


¥1,980 per month

Image Quality




Simultaneous Viewing

1 unit

2 units

4 units


1 unit

2 units

4 units

    H.265 decoder

Built-in H.265 decoder TV with built-in H.265 decoder required

Netflix of 4K Ultra HD content, it has excellent compression efficiency, including proper block size, and Connecting an external 4K source to your TV is possible An H.265(HEVC) decoder that can connect an external 4K source to the TV. 4K Ultra HD TVs with a built-in HEVC decoder have HDMI/HDCP capabilities, so As a result, it is possible to 4K content is available on Amazon Prime Video 4K content on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix Netflix and other streaming services that deliver 4K content.

Unfortunately, not all 4K Ultra HD TVs have the necessary HEVC decoder, nor do they have HDMI 2.0 or HDCP 2.2. However, I believe that later on electronics manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Vizio will release Ultra HD TVs that meet the 4K streaming requirements.

In the meantime, some of Netflix's 4K Ultra HD content is HDR encrypted, so for now, a compatible HDR TV will enhance brightness, contrast, and color for a more realistic and natural viewing experience for some titles.

Internet connection speed/rate of at least 25mbps

The last requirement for playing Netflix 4K content is that it is highly recommended that you have an Internet speed of at least 25mbps. Slightly lower speeds will work, but may cause buffering or stalling issues, or Netflix will automatically switch playback quality to 1080p or lower resolution depending on the available Internet speed.

How to Watch Netflix 4K Content

Netflix 4K content but not all content is available in 4K.

On a 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, you can watch Netflix on a 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, you can watch 4K Ultra HD content that falls under the Content You can view past and new 4K titles by scrolling down the page or selecting 4K in the category.

Once you find 4K content on Netflix, click "Play" to start watching; you must first have the appropriate Netflix subscription in order to play in 4K resolution.

Also, if you do not see a 4K content page or category list on your Netflix account page, you can search for 4K titles by typing "4K" or "UHD" in the Netflix search field.

Note that while watching, you must meet the three requirements above (signing up for a Premium membership, having a Prepare a 4K Ultra HD TV, minimum 25 mbps Internet speed of at least 25 mbps ), Netflix 4K content will be automatically detected and displayed in 4K resolution. However, of these requirements If If one or more of these requirements are not met, Netflix will not be able to display the playback quality (resolution) to automatically may automatically lower the If any of these conditions are not met, Netflix may automatically lower the playback quality (resolution).

How is the Netflix 4K content viewing experience?

When 4K content becomes available on Netflix, many will ask, "What about the viewing experience? You will need Fiber optic line If you have the speed and viewing quality is Frankly speaking, the determined by the screen size of your 4K Ultra HD TV. If you're playing Netflix 4K content, 55 inches or larger is best; 1080p than 1080p picture quality than picture quality is more vivid and It is quite an impressive viewing experience.

As for audio, the surround sound format on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs provides a better viewing experience than the Dolby Digital/EX/Plus format on most streaming video.

Offline. The best way to watch Netflix in Full HD

Now 4K Ultra HD is becoming more popular, but so far 4K content has been slow to become available. Therefore, if you can watch Netflix shows and movies in Full HD resolution, you will experience a clear and textured screen.

However, the Netflix in 1080p, you will need at least Standard plan or a connection speed of 5 Mbps. In addition, slow Internet connection speeds can cause video quality to be reduced to 720p or lower during playback.

If you do not have a Smart TV at home, you will not be able to watch Netflix content on your TV, and with Netflix's download feature, you can only watch offline with a smartphone tapwrap. You also cannot transfer downloaded content to your TV.

Elegir la calidad de imagen en Netflix - HD, Ultra HD y 4K

So, how can I download Netflix 1080p content in MP4 format on my computer and then transfer it to my TV?

Here, we recommend FlixPal downloader, a Window and MAC compatible software to download Netflix content in the highest full HD.

FlixPal Downloader is a download software that allows you to download videos in full HD from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, hulu, HBO Max, U-NEXT, Paravi and dozens of other streaming services. Below are the advantages of FlixPal downloader.

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This article has explained how to watch Netflix 4K content and what you need to know about it.If you want to watch Netflix 4K content, you need to sign up for a Netflix Premium membership or purchase a4K Ultra HD TV, min. 25 mbps and a minimum 25 mbps connection speed. Netflix 4K content has certainly provided an impressive experience.

Certainly viewing Netflix 4K content has provided an impressive experience, but the now popular Full HD can also provide a good viewing experience, so it is fine if you are not specifically pursuing 4K viewing. For a crisp screen, Full HD is sufficient.

Finally, if you want to save Netflix content in MP4/MKV format, do not choose the Netflix download feature, but use the FlixPal downloader to download Netflix videos in the highest Full HD.