Ultimate Guide to Fix Peacock Error Code 9 [2022]

Peacock Error Code 9 usually appears when you access Peacock’s app from your device. There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the Peacock server is down, causing the app to shut down temporarily. Similarly, this could also be due to the instability in your router connection.

While Peacock TV isn’t as popular as other over-the-top streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, or Disney Plus, it still offers a decent content catalog to its viewers.

That’s perhaps why Peacock TV gained much popularity and recognition in recent years. But as its user base grows, the complaints regarding the service also increase.

Out of those complaints, the most common one reported so far is Peacock Error Code 9. What causes it and what you can do to fix it will be the key content for today’s article.

What Causes Peacock Error Code 9?

Peacock Error Code 9 usually appears when you access Peacock’s app from your device. There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the Peacock server is down, causing the app to shut down temporarily. Similarly, this could also be due to the instability in your router connection.

It is imperative to determine the root cause of the issue so you can fix it accordingly. Nonetheless, if you’re not sure about the reason, you can still give these fixes a try to resolve Peacock Error Code 9 at your end.

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How to Fix Peacock Error Code 9?

Inspect the Peacock TV Server Status

Before we head over to the technical fixes, the first thing you should do is check Peacock TV’s own server status. Chances are that the issue is at Peacock TV’s own end. It is quite possible for Peacock TV to be facing technical issues at its own end, which is why you can’t seem to get the Peacock TV app to work properly.

So, in this case, you should definitely check the Peacock TV server status. You can check for information regarding Peacock TV outages via third-party status checkers online or by checking Peacock TV’s social media pages, such as their official Twitter or Facebook page.

Check Router Connection

One of the most common reasons for being prompted with a Peacock Error Code 9 is due to internet connectivity issues. Unstable or weak WiFi signals can hinder the performance of Peacock working on your device.

To check the status of your internet connection, switching between different internet sources would be a good idea. For instance, switch to your mobile data and vice versa. This way, you will easily determine whether the source of the Internet is the cause.

It is important to note that streaming content on Peacock TV requires a minimum speed of 2.5 Mbps for good playback quality. For streaming 4K or HD content on the Peacock Premium plan, you will require at least 25 Mbps speed. So, you should also consider running a speed test to check the speed of your internet connection.

Make Sure You Are Using Peacock Within the Region

It is important to know that Peacock TV is only available inside the US and certain US territories. Due to this region-locking, if you try using Peacock TV outside the US, you will be prompted with an error, such as “This service is unavailable in your region”.

Use the Latest Peacock App

If you’re using an old and outdated version of the app, it is quite possible to be prompted with a Peacock Error Code 9. So, you have to make sure you are using the latest-most Peacock app.

Head over to your device’s designated play store, such as the App Store and Google Play Store, and check for any new updates for the Peacock app.

Update Your Device’s OS

It is also vital to use an updated OS. Using an outdated and old OS can hinder the performance of apps on your device. Depending upon your device, go to Settings and check for any new OS updates.

Turn Off VPN

In most cases, a VPN is responsible for the Peacock Error Code 9. A VPN might result in proxy issues, which is why you must always turn off the VPN on your device before you launch the Peacock app.

Try Another Device

Chances are that your device might be causing issues. To confirm this, try launching the Peacock app on another compatible device.

Download the Peacock app, launch it, and then sign in with your Peacock credentials on any other device. If the Peacock app works, then your previous device was the reason behind the Peacock app not working properly. However, if the problem persists, continue reading below for more tips.

Check the Number of Devices Logged in

It is essential to know that Peacock TV has a limit of a maximum of 6 profiles and 3 simultaneous streams on one single Peacock TV account.

If more than 3 people are streaming on one Peacock TV account, you will certainly be promoted with a Peacock TV Error alert. To avoid this, make sure not more than 4 people are streaming on your Peacock account simultaneously. You might also want to Sign Out All Devices for everyone else to sign out.

Refresh Peacock TV/ Restart the App

If you are using Peacock TV from your computer or laptop via the web browser, you might want to refresh or reload the page prompted with a Peacock TV Error message. To reload the web page, press the Ctrl + R key for Windows or Command + R key for macOS.

If you are using the Peacock TV app on a compatible device, force-shut and then restart the Peacock TV app. This will surely eliminate any Peacock TV issues you might be facing.

Reboot Your Device

Rebooting your device helps clear any bugs and restart processes, which is beneficial for ram management. Plus, running various background apps at once can disturb the performance of other apps and can also consume your device’s memory. So, consider rebooting your device in this case.

For iOS devices, long press and hold the power button until the power off slider appears. Slide in order to turn it off. Then, press the power button once again after a few minutes to restart your device.

If you’re using an Android device, long-press and hold the power button until the restart or power off option appears. Then, tap Restart.

Contact Support Team

If you’ve tried and tested all of the above tips to fix the Peacock TV Error Code 9, then contacting the Peacock support team would be a good idea.

You can contact Peacock TV Customer Service via their Chatbot. Just sign in to your Peacock TV account and select the Get in Touch page to send their customer care team an email message or chat with a live agent from 9:00 am to 1:00 am ET.

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In the End

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