dAnime Store explains how to watch on PS4 (or PS5 or Switch?)

Why are so many people wondering if they can use streaming services on their PS4? In this article, we will discuss in detail how to watch dAnime Store on PS4 and if it is also available on PS5 and Switch.

dAnime Store is a streaming service that offers unlimited access to its lineup of anime for only 440 yen per month (tax included), and has recently gained a lot of popularity since it became available on PS4®.

Why are so many people wondering if they can use streaming services on PS4? It is because PS4® is a gaming console, but it is also a hardware device that focuses on video quality, allowing you to enjoy games and movies in a delicate image quality.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to watch d-Anime Store on PS4 and if it is also available on PS5 and Switch.

Which game consoles can watch d-Anime Store?

According to the information on the official d-Anime Store website, the only game console that can use the d-Anime Store right now is the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Unfortunately, there is no way to use the d-Anime Store app on PS5 or Nintendo Switch at this time.

So, is there really no way to watch d-Anime Store videos on PS5 and Switch? Please check after reading How to watch dAnime Store on PS4 (2) later on.

How to watch d-Anime Store on PS4, part 1

First, we will explain in detail how to watch d-Anime Store on PS4 and what you need to know.

(You cannot register as a member of d-Anime Store directly from PS4.

If you have not yet registered as a member, please access the official d-Anime Store website from your smartphone or computer to complete your membership registration).

Installing d-Anime Store on PS4

1) Start up PS4 and click "TV & Video" from the home screen.

② Select "Apps Library" from the menu.

③ Tap "More apps from PlayStation Store...".

4) Select "More apps from PlayStation Store..." to go to PlayStation Store.

Select "d-Anime Store

5) Go to the PlayStation Store page, search for "d-Anime Store" from all apps, and click "Download" on the detail page.

⑥ Start downloading the d-Anime Store application itself for free.

Log in to d-Anime Store on PS4.

After the download is complete, click on "Start" on the screen, and after confirming the various precautions, select "Agree and Next".

Next, select "Login/Member Registration etc." from the menu screen.

3) Go to the d-Anime Store application and click "Login/Member Registration etc." on the menu screen.

④After confirming the "QR Code", "URL", and "Serial Code" displayed on the screen, read the QR Code with your smartphone and enter the displayed serial code to log in to d-Anime Store.

⑤ Once you have logged in without any problems, the device in which you entered the serial code will display the message "Successfully registered" and the online ID you are using on your PS4.

Viewing d-Anime Store on PS4

(1) Once you have successfully logged in to dAnime Store, search for your favorite anime.

Once you are in the detail page, click on "Watch from the beginning" and press the number of episodes you want to watch under "Episodes" at the bottom. Here you can watch dAnime Store on PS4.

Points to note when using d-Anime Store on PS4

There are no particular points to note, but there are two.

1) You cannot purchase goods from dAnime Store on PS4.

Although dAnime Store sells anime related goods as its own service, please note that the goods purchase page will not be displayed through PS4.

Please make purchases from other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The dAnime Store is not available on P3, PS5, or Switch.

dAnime Store currently supports only PS4 among game consoles, so it is not available on PS3 or PS5. In addition, Nintendo Switch and Xbox are not supported.

As for PS3, it is unlikely that it will be supported by d-Anime Store in the future, since the number of users is currently decreasing.

The penetration rate of PS5 is still low, but there is a possibility that d-Anime Store will be supported in the future, and this may also depend on the future penetration rate of PS5.

How to watch d-Anime Store on PS4, Part 2

The method 2 is, in essence, downloading dAnime Store videos and making them available for viewing on PS4.

You can use the download feature on dAnime Store, but only on smartphones/laptops. Also, you cannot specify where to save the anime when downloading it, and you cannot save it to an external hardware such as an SD card. Of course, there is no way to upload it as an MP4 file to a PS4, PS5, Switch, or other device for viewing.

So, to watch d-Anime Store on PS4 or other consoles, you will need an external downloader. Here, we recommend FlixPal downloader.

What is FlixPal?

FlixPal is a powerful video downloader that supports Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services. Thus, with FlixPal Downloader, you can easily download videos from d-Anime Store.

What are the advantages of FlixPal?

  • Save d-Anime Store videos in MP4/MKV format

As a professional video downloader, FlixPal can download dAnime Store videos as versatile MP4/MKV files for viewing on various devices such as TV, game consoles (PS4, PS5, Switch, etc.), and PC.

  • Save d-Anime Store videos in HD high quality.

When downloading dAnime Store videos with FlixPal, you have the option to download all dAnime Store videos in up to HD (1080p) quality.

  • Batch and Fast Downloading

FlixPal allows you to download multiple videos online at the same time. The download speed is fast, which significantly reduces the time it takes to download videos.

  • Commercials are automatically removed during download

FlixPal automatically removes commercials inserted in videos downloaded from dAnime Store.

Steps to download videos from d-Anime Store with FlixPal

STEP1 Download & install the software from FlixPal's official website. (Windows and MAC compatible)

STEP2 Click on the three-line symbol on the upper right corner of the influencer, open "Settings", and set your desired destination "Directory".

STEP3 Launch FlixPal, enter the official website URL of d-Anime Store in the search field of the built-in browser, and go to d-Anime Store.

STEP4 Log in to d-Anime Store with the built-in browser.

STEP5 Find the movie you want to download and click "Watch" on the detail page.

STEP6 Tap "M3U8" on the upper right side of the built-in browser, select your desired quality in the window that appears and click "Download Now".

Here you can download d-Anime Store videos in Full HD in MP4 format. You can also upload the downloaded videos in MP4 format at the destination to your device for viewing, and you can watch them on PS4, PS5, Switch, and other games, as well as on your TV.

In fact, you can use the FlixPal downloader for other streaming services as well.

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