Everything You Need to Know About XTUBE Download

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When the mass popularity of pornography sites dominates the internet world with its inviting and irresistible erotic and clitoris content in one click, it is quite understandable "The difference between sex and love is I've never come from love". So, it's pretty convincing when Pamela Anderson said " Life is like sex, it's not always good but it's always worth trying." When the growth of any pornography site is faster than light, how can you forget or ignore the porn provoking popularity of Xtube that used to rock your cock in your cozy comfort.

Any Altitude in Xtube

Xtube is better known as the first Canadian adult content video hosting and social networking site where users can upload, share and view any porn content. 2006 born Xtube.com did not produce or create any kind of pornographic content, instead, www Xtube com allows its users to upload any of their favorite adult collections including porn photos, videos, webcam models, and erotic content amd many more. The MindGeek-owned company Xtube used to be a sister site of the porn-leading platform Pornhub Network.

Cock Concentrated Category of Fucking Features

Since www Xtube was a photographic video uploading platform, the users used to use the long list of categories to upload any adult content related to that category. The most popular category of Xtube videos was "amateur". The users of Xtube com used to have a detailed profile on this platform as a social networking feature that includes all the essential information and credentials of the users.

Porny Profile Parameters

From mentioning cover photos, profile pictures, and gender detail to favorite music, hobbies, ideal partners, and interest, users could give any information they want in their profile. Users used to interact with each other by adding up others' profiles or subscribing to others' accounts. With the help of organized and secured privacy settings users could protect their activities by blocking many requests, filtering private messages, etc.

Filtered Features for Filthy Fantasy

● Xtube.com used to earn its revenue through advertising and through the micropayment process, this site used to share 42.5% of the net profit of selling the "amateur" content with the "amateur" performers who sold their content to Xtube.

● Xtube allowed you to enjoy live cams, you could also watch and sell any of your premium pornographic videos and photos with the uploading option of free content along with a DVD subscription.

● The commenting and rating options were available for the porn videos available on the site.

● Registration of this site was optional, and many contents of www Xtube were accessible for free to any user without any registration.

What happened to Xtube?

When in 2017 Billy Eichner had mentioned on a show that his MMA performance would be uploaded on Xtube, you would probably realize the popularity and demand of Xtube videos. However, Xtube was officially closed on 5th September 2021 because of some mounting allegations of sex trafficking on the parent company MindGeek. Even though the main reason for the closing of Xtube com is not clear yet, it is assumed by its users that there are some legal issues of the owner company for the closure of Xtube.

Can You Download Adult Content as good as Xtube?

No matter whether Xtube videos are available or not, there are plenty of pornographic sites that are ready to provide their service in seduction and sensation with sizzling satisfaction. The best part of these sites is that you can download any of your favorite porn videos from any of your favorite porn sites with a few clicks on FlixPal Downloader. You can completely customize any of your porn videos according to your specifications and requirements while downloading them. So, let's see how can you use this downloader to enjoy your erotic world in its utmost execution.

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How to download adult videos

Step 1: Install Downloader

After the successful installation of this downloader on your Windows or Mac PC, you need to go to the "General Setting" option to select "Display Adult Service".

Step 2: Service selection

Next, go to the function bar shown on the left side of the page to select " Adult Service".

Step 3: Finalize Download

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Final Feed

While opening this article you have probably come to know the most authentic and appropriate information about your desired and missed Xtube website and its services that used to keep you awake when you got drowned in your dark dirty desire. However, even though Xtube is no longer at your service, the millions of steamy contents of over hundreds of adult sites are waiting at your door to entire your erotic world. So, it is time to let them get in with the safe, secure, and internet dependency-free relaxing offline world.